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  1. Wishing there is a bit of twist within the album.
  2. I expected it to sound something Red's Shadow and Soul or Skillet's Not Gonna Die have when I read the word "symphony". But after knowing that Heavy is not that "heavy", I doubt it would happen.
  3. Track titles on this album are quite deceiving and sometimes don't resemble them in terms of music. Like when you see Victimized and all you got is LOATR-esque song. On previous albums they somehow made it "balance" between relating titles with lyrics and music.
  4. I'm one of the people who run @lp_indonesia, but @annisasabran is more active in taking control of it.
  5. http://site.linkinpark.com/music/2014/the-hunting-party/
  6. Linkin Park has uploaded a behind-the-scene video of The Hunting Party promotional photo shoot. You can watch it below:
  7. The DVD will contain live versions of Breaking The Habit wooooo
  8. Today the winners of ALTNC remix competition is announced. Congratulation to the producers! Grand Prize Winner Chosen by the Judges from all of the submissions. Brian Yates 5 Runers Up Chosen by the Judges from all of the submissions. Ranec John Doe Harel Tsemah DJ Altomani Fredie Westborn 3 Popular Vote Winners Chosen by the Judges from the 10 most voted submissions. 22Bullets SKITARA Syra Producer Source: https://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/s...contest/winners
  9. This interview is holding up the new album.
  10. yeah but we might get a cleaner and longer version of it.
  11. Mike's remix on CoG sounds great. I like how he manipulated vocals on 4:09. Drums on Victimized remix reminds me with old-school deadmau5 (Project 56 era). Rick Rubin's reboot on ALTNC sounds so organic! Overall it's a good album for me. The only bad thing is there are already-released tracks
  12. Artwork update: https://twitter.com/Toolkit04/status/359643...1035140/photo/1
  13. As long as Grecian and are on the tracklist, it's not a big deal for me. But I hope they will not repeat this kind of contest for LPU14.
  14. I noticed that they recently upload the LPTVs with different title. For example: LPTV - You're A Legend is originally "Australia Tour '13" LPTV - Linkin Park Down Under is originally NZ / Austraila Tour '13 Part 1" LPTV - Going Old School: The Guys Pass Out Flyers For Their Show is originally "Sunset Strip Music Festival Flyer" Music Gets Us Through is originally "South Africa '12" Soldier in Repose is originally "SSMF Guitar Painting" Perhaps we should add additional note?
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