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"Digital Souvenir Package" Discussion


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Just curious....


- How many of you actually collect *every* DSP the band puts out? Do some of you have every single one? If so, why? Do some of you collect only a few? If you only collect a few, why?


For those of you that collect them:


- What is your favorite DSP from the band? From Auburn 2007 to Macao 2009...which one do you like the most?

- Are there any DSPs you listen to a lot?

- What DSPs do you not like very much or don't listen to a lot? Why?

- What "highlights" from 2007-2009 do you listen to a lot? Or maybe there's one or two tracks from a certain show you really like.

- Is there anything you don't like about the DSP idea as a whole? What about the mixing? Are you a fan of it? What would you like to see done differently with the DSPs?


I'm interested in seeing how many people actually collect them all and for those of you that collect, what you like about them, what songs, what shows, and if you don't like some, why.



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I got every DSP that came out. I don't really have a favorite one but I like the one's where there is something different (like Sweet Child over Bleed it Out from 8/16/2008). What I do is making a setlist off a whole tour with all the songs they played (most are the 'special' songs).


Can't wait till the other ones come out so i can complete my collection :)

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i dont have all dsps but plenty in my opinion


My fav?

Frankfurt probably since it was the show i attended..


i listen alot to the london 28.01 (night 1) show and to the session/poas (stuttgart/osaka/macao!!) recordings of 2009 as well


which dsp i totally dislike?

no idea didnt listen to all


the highlights i listen to?

definiatly a place for my head from london 28.01, its the only show ever in MTM touring cycle that had an extended bridge in any kind and imo also the best scream into the bridge ever

all in all i think london 28.01 was the best performance ever in mtm touring cycle (in all, regarding it being a full set), just listen to right before the start of no more sorrow, the scream at the end of the faint outro is longer than usual, also right before chester starts with verse 1 of no more sorrow, he screams partly, just incredible

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I collect every DSP. No, I don't listen to them all, but I like to have them all. There's a few reasons...one is simply because I run LPLive and it's very easy to just click my mouse a few times and open a song whenever I need to reference it for something on LPLive. If I need to know if LP did an intro or an outro at a certain show, I can have it instantly for the DSP shows. This is one reason why I collect as many live shows of LP as possible (not just DSP's).


Another reason I collect them all is I like variety. Hell no I haven't listened to every DSP multiple times. However, I've been to 9 shows and literally worn those DSP's out, so I like being able to click DSP in iTunes and pick a random one to listen to for a change.


Favorite DSP? Fuckin' rocks to have DSP's from shows you went to. Atlanta 07, Stuttgart 09. Favorite DSP from a show I didn't go to is definitely Auburn 2007. Most common ones I listen to are again, Atlanta 07, Stuttgart 09, Auburn 07 and Toronto 08.


Highlights? Numb/Encore + Jigga What/Faint from MSG. What I've Done + A Place For My Head from Hannover. Bleed It Out from Auburn 07. BTH/PMA/HHH/WID from Toronto...APFMH/OSC from Toronto.


If I could change anything I'd have older DSP's sold. Opportunity to purchase a show online right after it's announced, and download it ASAP when it becomes available. 30 second snippet of songs available to preview. Option to buy just one song. Cover art for each show.


Worst DSP's are the ones where they played just a normal set...nothing interesting, nothing cool about the show. Projekt Rev after Irvine was like that (very boring to me).


EDIT: Added an attachment. iTunes FTW.


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I don't download every single DSP. The reason for that is clear: LP doesn't have really interesting setlists, so it gets boring to listen to the same setlist over and over again very quickly.


How do I choose my DSPs?

I read many topics here about the DSPs. How many people like a show or has it special notes on the show page? Sometimes I choose them randomly..it's very different :)


My favourite DSP is Mansfield 2007. No doubt. LP was on fire, they talked to the crowd, the setlist was incredible. Really great show.

Mhm...special songs... I don't think I have any. MSG with Jay - Z was cool as POA from Macao 2009 was.

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i stopped collecting them after the 2007 summer shows. they all sound the same (except for minor differences) and it's more than enough to get hold of the different setlists. having them just for having them is stupid.

everyone who listens to all of them or needs them for reference should pick them up, sure.

so, these DSP news don't get me excited at all ;) .

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I have all the DSP's from 2007-2009.I haven't listen to them all but my favorite is the show from Athens this year.I like it because it's my country and i think the show was great.

But my favorite highlights is bleed it out with Sweet Child are Mine as an intro in 2008!!!

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A collect a few. Actually from 2007 up to now I have 18, but I plan to download some more these days. Well, that's not all the concerts from 2007 up to now I have, but there are the DSP's. Why? I love listening to them. The band sounds amazing live. I was very addicted to listening to them before - I listened them much more then the studio versions. Now - not, but I listen to them a lot again.


I don't have a favourite and a least favourite. Auburn 07 rocks, yeah, but it's not my favourite - just the first show I can think of. I used to listen Paris (Winter European Tour) 08 a lot before. There's also APFMH, Don't stay, In Pieces, My December, In Between... But that's just the set. I don't listen to it a lot any more.


Highlights? QWERTY, APFMH, Don't Stay, In Pieces, In Between, My December, PMA (studio), Numb/encore and Jigga What/Faint, BIO/SCOM, Hands Held High (studio) [love it], Umbrella :lol:. I'm sure I forget about something, but..


Don't like the mixing very much - I think some of the guitar parts should be mixed better.. more heavier. I love Numb (LIT), the guitar sounds awesome, it's not like that on the DSP's.

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The only ones I have are from shows I attended - Sheffield '08 and Milton Keynes '08.

I'm not too fussed about having them all though it is nice to hear particularly rare/cool things they did in a particular set i.e macao.

The only complaint about the mixing is Joe is very hard to make out - listen to the DSP from MK and then listen to RTR, his scratching and samples are 10x louder :huh:

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I have all of them...I typically listen to the first few from a tour all the way through, then for the remaining ones I'll skim around to the various highlights of a show. My favorites are the first few 2008 shows - Hannover, Amneville, Basel, Frankfurt, Koln, and Paris. In terms of both the band and the DSPs themselves being at their best, I think those shows are the peak of the MTM touring cycle.


I don't really listen to any of the DSPs a lot, but I never watch/listen to live shows "a lot" anyway. As big of a fan of LP's live performances as I am, I don't find that recordings of them have a whole lot of replay value. I haven't watched Live in Texas in over 2 years, and I think I've watched Road to Revolution maybe half a dozen times total. That's just how I am with live shows, I'll listen to them all the way through a few times, then I hardly listen to them again after that.


The only DSP I really don't like is Nottingham 2008. 160 kbps = FAIL.


Highlights I find myself listening to a lot are Rob's drum solos, Mike's piano solo spots, the intros/outros to Points of Authority, and the extended/remixed intros/outros to a bunch of other songs.


One thing I would do with the DSPs is make sure there's ALWAYS a photo of the setlist included. There was for most 2008 shows, but they didn't do it in 2009. They should also be more uniform with the photos they include, I think there should be one really good shot of each band member, a crowd shot, and a setlist picture. It seems like they try to get pics of all the members at each show, but they often miss some of them. And bring back the .pdf tour booklets! As far as the mixing goes, I may be in the minority, but I stand firm in my belief that Pooch and Dylan's work has only gotten better with time. I still hate the sound of the guitars, but that's just a product of the equipment Brad's using these days more than anything.

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Ive gotten shows that ive been too. ones with different songs than those ie we made it. some of the dps's ive just deleted most of the songs except for the special ones. like crawling with chris cornel. got one from this year with the DBS set in it.

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I don't collect them all. I have all the shows I've been to (8) and I have tons more of just random shows that I liked. Favorite DSP is probably Mansfield 07, my second LP show and also because it was a crazy good show, it's probably my favorite DSP too since there is none for Bamboozle.

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I collect DSPs as well but only the shows with several highlights. I think I got most of the PR:07 and European Winter Tour 2008 stuff due to a lot of cool intros and setlists and overall great atmosphere. I think my favorite DSPs from this period are Cologne, Hanover and of course Auburn. These shows really rock and I listen to them regularly.


Auburn sounds best to me in terms of quality and it has that certain cool atmosphere. The band debuted a lot of intros and the crowd really seemed to be into the show. I love No More Sorrow and Bleed it Out, both seem to be perfect to me.


Regarding PR:08 and the 2009 shows, I only got the most interesting ones, e. g. Dedicated over Points, Reading my Eyes/Points etc. Anyways, I believe it's a real pitty that Brad used a different rig this cycle. I loved the band's live sound before MTM, hopefully they can improve on that in future. With a bigger sound, the DSPs would be even better.

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I, of course, get the shows that I go to, Atlanta 07, Nashville 08, and Atlanta 08. The only other ones I download is when there is something different. Something unique over POA, BIO/SCoM, or when Joe kept sampling 'Leroy Jenkins' during the 08 Winter Arena Tour.

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I don't have every show, but I have some highlights. Just a few shows from each tour. My favorite would have to be MSG. It was such an amazing show and by far the best performance of Numb/Encore, even without Chester's verse.

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i have all of them from 2007- 2009

all of them are my favorites i listen to alot of dsp

i like Dsp but sorta hate the editing (if Chester makes a mistake on a verse ) they copy and paste the correct part. thats the only thing i hate about dsp

i collect them also to correct people's mistakes on a show like ex: "hey,ping did you know mike did High Road over POA at the Irvine last year" then i would look it up and tell them your incorrect its was petrified"

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