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  1. I'm just surprised to see mike using a rhyme-search-engine for rhymes on faster
  2. As soon as i heard the drums i knew what was going on. it's that standart drum pattern that every club track has, that every guetta song has. vocals are strong but have that melody that is catchy lie every club song, like every guetta song... the only guitar in there is backing the chorus and i'm not even sure if its a real one. the whole chorus with its long uuuuup and dooooown is typical for every mainstream pop song. then mikes short verse is also typical for everysong that comes out nowadays. the bad thing about it is that it sounds like every other popsong on the radio, of course y
  3. Now that I've heard burn it down, I'd say that theres not much "live" instrumentation annyway, they just have to hook up a keyboard, a sampler a kick and a snare as and a hi hat, zhats it.
  4. I belive that was at a normal gig, when mike used that vocoder thingy for one of the interludes. People thought it was playback because both the clean signal and the vocoder signal were audible, but that was achieved by splitting the signal and not by playback.
  5. this will probably be a semei-playback type of thing. setting up all the stuff for just one song in very little time would be to much effort. when they played wid at tv total it was a different thing, they had the time to set up everything backstage and it was "static". with that autoball thing they will probably have to set up the stage during the commercials or something like that, and because of that they won't bring all of the necessary gear, and just hook up some mics and use amps etc. as "decoration".
  6. I already saw this like a year ago. how come?
  7. Blackout is just epic, better than the original!
  8. In small clubs the foh place is at the back of the venue behind the audience, or sometimes even at the side of the stage.
  9. I Discovered lpl when the Project Revolution setlist were released prior to the start of the tour, as far as i remeber. There was a link to lpl from a german site. Then I kept revisiting lpl because they were always a little faster with posting news than other sites were
  10. One Simple Reason to play guitar right handed if you're a lefty is that left-handed-guitars are more expansive than "normal" ones, unless you use your guitar the wrong way round, like Hendrix did
  11. They just turn up the strings to get your attention of of chesters incorrect singing
  12. Happy BDay even if I'm late xD