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  1. Please keep us update on their answer(s). I was also wondering about the missing strap (getting stuff out of the box is quite tedious) and if they might resend the two DVDs at least. There once was a Road to Revolution vinyl release on record store day where the sticker said 'explicit version' but they accidentally had the censored ones on there. Warner then sent out correct versions for buyers, so it might be possible they do something about the mislabeled DVDs... Besides, the EU version was sold out everywhere upon release of the box, I was wondering if they stopped shipping to stores after realizing the error and a second bunch of boxes will be coming to stores later this year or if it really sold out that quickly?!
  2. I will probably try to get a replacement if they don't manage to deliver the box properly 😅 But let's see and keep our fingers crossed, can't wait for October!
  3. I think we used to have PAL in Germany (actually in all of Europe as far as I know) so there shouldn't be difference between the UK Amazon and German Amazon versions. I actually ordered the deluxe set from the UK (even though I live in Germany) since it is a lot cheaper. Just hope the package doesn't get damaged on the longer shipment... I'm so hyped! Looking forward to all the stuff, I think it's an awesome box with almost everything you could wish for and enough unreleased material to be special.
  4. Won't be able to play the 4k stuff smoothly I guess, but I'm looking forward to other downloads, the webcast and more videos on youtube! The first 15 rows were awesome yesterday, there was a huge pit (considering Linkin Park's standards) during almost all songs. We had lots of fun and energy in there, especially the rowing pit during In The End was amazing. Can someone tell me whether it's in the video? Also the band seemed to have a lot of fun - I suppose they have to, if they wanna release it - but I thought they really enjoyed it.
  5. Great pre show post! Who wouldn't be excessive while writing about that show? Pretty sad I can't got there, but I'm looking forward to all those audience recordings, reports, proshots and the 'DSP'. Didn't know LP was using Ableton Live now btw, but this will definitely make it easier for them to switch things up every once in a while. Love that program!
  6. It's a decent album I guess. Can't really judge it's position compared to other albums after just one run through it, though. ATS really let me down back then. I like to listen to it in its entirety every once in a while, because it surely is a fine piece of art if you see it as 'one track'. But there's no single song on it that has hit my play list regularly, maybe 'Waiting for the End', 'The Catalyst' and 'When they come for me' come somewhere near that. But that's not what I'd like to hear from one of my favorite bands. To me, LT somehow was a step forward considering the single songs. It's really poor in its entirety (especially compared to ATS), but 'Lost in the Echoe' and 'Powerless' (one of their overall best tracks for me) were two awesome songs that I love to listen to. THP probably is a mixture of both. I couldn't find any song that I'd consider as a masterpiece (maybe some will grow on me in the future), but overall the album seems to make sense to me. Not as intense as ATS, but it's probably better to listen to all of the songs. 'Rebellion' is my favorite so far, 'A Line in the Sand' startet really promising but the feeling of the verse was totally destroyed by this somewhat cheap riff. Sounds like a reassembling of GATS and Victimized riffs to me. And I really do not like Victimized. Would be nice if I can get used to it since I loved Mikes part and also liked Chesters...
  7. Thanks for your great work LPL-guys! Happy Birthday and keep it up! This show totally blew me away and - again - showed me which good stuff I missed when I still was too young to go to concerts and didn't really care about music. There's so much energy and the show is just authentic. Pure adrenalin at its best. And One really is outstanding, they have to play it live again. Although the chance they will is pretty small I'd always vote for it! thanks, thanks, thanks again! Let's see if you can make a DVD download possible
  8. Telekom Street Gigs website says they'll show a Linkin Park special with a compilation of highlights of Berlin's show on June 25th, 20:15 german time in a stream. This might indicate that the theater show could be Berlin as well since both is shown on the same day ?! Edit: never mind, I just saw the SURU pic, so this really is going to be Berlin I guess At least we know it seems to be streamed in Germany as well.
  9. Guess who grabbed his LPU ticket? Man I just rejoined for this awesome opportunity and it worked out! Let's burn that fuckin' palace down.
  10. Since I'm living in Berlin and have always dreamed of seeing LP perform in an intimate venue I'll try to win some tickets If someone wins a ticket on streetgigs.de and doesn't know whom to take in: I'd be pleased to join you!
  11. I wouldn't say it that harsh, but that's the way I feel about the song as well and meant with too popish. The sad point is that I don't dislike pop and/or beat-driven music in general, although I mainly enjoy harder music. But BID doesn't even seem pretty good to me in that genre. Just average. Noting to hate, nothing to like. But as I said, it's at least not bad enough to entirely ruin my hopes for the new album.
  12. As I expected, the song is way better than the snippet seemed to me. I still don't think it's that good, but I like the way it's made - I realized some of those old era tools Mike mentioned in his blogpost mixed with ATS tools I liked. So it leads me to look forward to the album. Especially because BID is just too much pop for me and I think the spin interview said it's really popish (despite the other songs they listened to). I'm actually pretty sure there are heavy guitars mixed into the chorus...
  13. I guess lipsynching is no option for LP. Maybe (and I hope it won't happen) they'll have to sing over a playback instrumental, but a full lipsynced performance would be a complete (and kinda sad) suprise.
  14. Yeah I didn't like that semi-playback-type of performance as well. Unfortunately almost all acts who performed in big TV Total productions lately sang over playback I think.
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