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  1. As I said in the shoutbox, I really hope the crowd reaction makes LP announce some proper Spain dates for once on upcoming tours.
  2. Home now and had a chance to listen to it. Really not a fan, it's without a doubt the worst album they've put out. With that said, there are some bits I like: - I like TTM as a whole since, as someone else on here said, it sounds like what "Linkin park does Pop" should have sounded like. - GG. I like the idea behind this songs, but as others have said, it could have really done without the featured artists and should have just had Mike do the rapping - BS. Compared to everyone else, I actually kind of like this, It reminds me of a stripped down LITE. Plus always love when ever a song ut
  3. He never said that. He's only asking what peoples preferences are.
  4. I'm liking TTM a bit better than he other songs, and it's giving me a little bit of hope, but I'm still not that optimistic.
  5. I might be reading too far into this, but do you guys think that them going from Heavy straight into a classic (Papercut) was an attempt to minimize a bad crowd reaction from Heavy?
  6. As someone that hasn't really been following LP live for the past few years, can someone explain this to me? I've seen it mentioned a couple of times and am curious what it refers to.
  7. I'd usually take reviews with a grain of salt since most people only leave reviews if they feel they had a bad experience, while that could only be a small fraction of the people that used their services, especially on yelp. As for the low tier vip, I have to imagine that includes Early entry even if it isn't advertised as the designated check-ins are usually done at the same time as higher vip tiers.
  8. I'm kind of not surprised the £549 one sold out so quickly, the signed guitar really makes up the price they are asking for almost on it's own. Yup. The 2 lower tier vip for the Metallica are pretty reasonably priced, the 2.5k one is batshit insane for what is basically just a M&G on top of the 2nd tier one.
  9. I like this miles better than Heavy (admittedly not really saying much). Still not liking the direction LP seem to be going with this album though.
  10. Cause if you don't like Heavy you're obviously a fan that is begging for HT 3.0 /s
  11. I don't know. While it did seem like joking around, it still felt like there was an underlying message that they don't like their early days anymore and just want to put it behind them and forget it happened. Maybe I am reading into it a bit much, and the upcoming weeks/months with the release and tour may change my thoughts, but I'm not optimistic for the time being.
  12. I much prefer the heavy version. My only problem with the band is how much the just seem to resent nu metal and their original sound now, You can guarantee they would have pulled a BMTH by this point and completely stopped playing stuff pre-ATS if it wasn't for stuff like ITE, Numb, etc, being as big a hits as they are. Chesters comment at the end also just felt like a "fuck you" to anyone that got into them back in the HT days.
  13. Because Foos and Muse sell more albums in Italy than LP? Most of those plays on Spotify are probably from people listening to the first 2 albums, hell, 60% of the plays on LP's top 10 Spotify tracks are from the first 2 albums and Collision Course.
  14. My bad, been out of the LP loop for so long I didn't realise most (all?) ATS stuff had the stems available.
  15. I agree with that, and with the way Heavy is sounding, it's looking like LP aren't really going to do it. I've seen other people saying it's grown on them after a few listens, but I've given it 5-6 listens now and it's just really not for me, I still really don't like it. It's made even worse cause I know I'm going to be listening to this song non-stop on the radio this summer.