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Out Of Ashes 30 Sec. Samples!


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A German shop has 30 second samples of all the songs on the album! Check it out here.


Thanks to user "elpi" !


What do you guys think? Maybe someone should rip them in case they get taken down?


Edit by Nameless: downloaded and ordered with tags and album cover, download the archive HERE


01. Fire

02. Crawl Back In

03. Too Late

04. Inside Of Me

05. Let Down

06. Give Me Your Name

07. My Suffering

08. Condemned

09. Into You

10. End Of The World

11. Walking In Circles

12. In The Darkness

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After previewing every track now, my anticipation for this album has doubled. I guess it's going to suck a little more having to wait now. With the songs that have been fully released and with these previews, I'm ready to say this album is going to kick ass like I thought all along. Walking In Circles is indeed going to be legendary like many of us think. I had a feeling that song was going to be something special after hearing it's live debut. Besides WIC, I'm really looking forward to hearing Too Late, Give Me Your Name, and Into You.

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Lol no problem guys!


I just checked the side, because I wanted to book the CD:)

Then I recognized that there were samples of all songs and thought "that could be interesting for the lplive community":)

I like Condemned a lot, sounds awesome! And I think Out of Ashes has got a great Mix of songs.


Thanks for putting my post on the newswire! Honestly!

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