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  1. NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fuse, Madison Square Garden’s (Nasdaq: MSG | PowerRating) national music television network and MSG Entertainment today announced that GRAMMY award-winning band Linkin Park’s February 4th performance from Madison Square Garden will air on Fuse on February 18 at 9:30 pm ET. Airing in HD, “Fuse Presents: Linkin Park Live from Madison Square Garden,” will feature songs from the band’s latest album A Thousand Suns, in addition to other fan favorites. Fuse and Coca-Cola have collaborated to bring the concert to fans across the U.S. with limited commercial
  2. ladygaga

    "Set B13"

    and about chicago' setlist? any news?
  3. and about brad? he played something in this concert?
  4. thanks, will be ready in a few hours
  5. sometimes i wonder an "reverse" shadow of the day, with mike walking in some ghost city, with destruction and explosions, and back to his home, and going sleep with clothes
  6. bad for linkin park, but really good for a rock band only female singers at top 10
  7. isn't in usual place, i want hear now
  8. mtv brazil don't show this, they put one stupid band named restart instead lp
  9. bleh, ie is so lame, i always use this in my job and always is with some bug or close alone, bad browser
  10. is better burning in the skies and blackout (seems like a new faint or bleed it out)
  11. where is tel aviv? i didn't found on the usual place
  12. i think tel aviv will leak on monday, before the guys go to australia
  13. maybe re-release ats with an ep with some songs to sell more