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  1. Since you refuse to read my post you missed that this was my point, too. Too bad...
  2. I knooooow! right? I told you the obvious... And so you wouldn't even believe me THAT fact I don't need to tell you the other things.I just want to be the troll one time in my life. I've been pretty active on here some years ago and I always hated people who are so cool to have information but wouldn't tell them. Now I know it's actually a bit funny. (sorry) And as LGraham said... we'll find out in some days anyways. It's just that I sometimes don't understand endless discussions about how an album will be called or could possibly be called or should never be called... If you knew what it's name was, would something be different? We have rumours that say it's called "Living Things". Why debate about that? It doesn't make it more or less true and we have to wait till the official confirmation with or without these rumours. It's just two words that help you find the CD in your local record store or on the internet. It won't tell anything about the music that's on it... And to clear that up: I don't hate you guys or this forum or LP or whatever. I actually like all that very much, but sometimes I can't relate to some things anymore. It's overreaction to me at some point.
  3. I know. I'm a bit sorry, tho. I kinda needed to get rid of that knowledge somehow... Thing is, would you believe me if I told you that Living Things actually IS the album title?
  4. I could leak some pretty nice information if I wanted to, but it's not cool to piss Warner and my bosses off, right? So I just won't do it...
  5. yes, please bring them back! cause i remember you asking for new banners. so i made one and you guys really liked it. would be soooo awesome to see it...
  6. actually, it's not big news... we already knew it's gonna be "around end of july/beginning of august", didn't we? ok... we didn't exactly know about the name, but it was kinda clear to me, that 'A Thousand Suns' is going to be the first single... so there's not much to discuss about the truth of that "news" IMO let's wait for the band to confirm it though.
  7. that's what mike wanted to point out... i tought... i guess... no? yes? i don't get, why you're upset with us, Jesus_ my grandpa's called Lothar
  8. absolutely! what he said's able to make those people shut up, cause they won't know anything to answer...
  9. wooohooo, can't wait for new puzzles
  10. kidOhri

    What Next?

    this one's a bad ass performance, too. (i remember loving their baggy style back then... hahaaa)
  11. kidOhri

    What Next?

    a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!!! man, seeing that feels like it's hundreds of years ago... i dunno... this is just old school LP at it's best!
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