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  1. Well, thus far, I've managed to resist listening to One More Light. I have no plans to listen to it or any other songs that get released before May 19. I've heard the other 5 though that have been played/released so I will rank those: 1. Talking To Myself 2. Good Goodbye 3. Invincible (it's been growing on me lately and may overtake GG for the #2 spot) 4. Heavy 5. Battle Symphony I'm guessing this order will probably change for me so this is just for now. I won't even bother giving numerical scores for these since I know the scores/ranking will change for me when I hear the studio versions of TTM and hear all the songs more and in the context of the album.
  2. Besides the fact that I disagree with all aspects of your opinion, the bigger point is this. I'm 90% sure that you're wrong about Luna being from the ATS era/sessions. I'm pretty sure Ammosick is the only song on the Mall OST that is from the ATS era (and only partly because it originated from M2M). The LPAssociation Wiki pretty much confirms that if you look at the articles for the Mall OST and for Luna and Ammosick. Says Luna is Living Things era. Anyway, Luna's good. But I absolutely love the version/part that's played in the very beginning of this LPTV episode. Just sounds much more like them. More dark and less poppy because the vocal/notes are more contained. I like it better than the version/part in the trailer which is also played towards the end of this LPTV episode. I guess Astat is right and it's probably just two parts of the same vocal take which means he just sings it a bit differently at the start of the song. In any case, I can think of 5 or 10 songs on the last two albums that are probably better than Luna, at least to me. I'd like to hear Luna released in it's entirety though, with all the parts, bridging together the part at the beginning of this lptv episode and the part played towards the end of the episode.
  3. I'm interested in some Chester doing No Roads Left, even though we already heard him doing a tiny bit of it on the making of MTM.
  4. I think your interpretations are correct but I also think there are other correct interpretations about this song and video. I also viewed the baby crying in the same way after seeing the video. But based on the lyrics, the lyric video, and this video...I think the song can also be (and is) about losing someone from a relationship ending (friendship, romantic relationship, etc). And not just ending in the physical way of death but also from people deciding to go their separate ways, etc. In addition to the scenes that show loved ones passing away, people grieving, etc, there are also some other scenes that give credence to this different interpretation. At 29 seconds, there's a woman shown who is shown a few different times in the video. She looks different than the one who is crying at 3:30 over the loss of her loved one. The same woman is again shown at 49 seconds, sleeping, alone in her bed. Just a few seconds later, a guy is shown with a phone (maybe trying to contact the woman?) and then another guy is shown at 1:26 and 1:35. I think one of these two guys is supposed to be in a romantic relationship (or was) with the woman. The way that the lyrics match up with the scenes in the video make me believe this even more. Right after Chester says "But something made me realize that I was wrong", it basically shows the guy looking down, as if he just came to a difficult realization. And then right after that, during the part that says "Finding what you got sometimes, means finding it alone", the woman is shown in bed and she's waking up, as if she's realizing that she's alone and her partner has left her. At least that's how I see it. It's like she's bewildered and like "Wtf". Again, she was shown sleeping earlier in the video. So I think if you connect the dots, it's possible that her partner walked out on her while she was sleeping. She's waking up to find out that she's now alone. So the lyric video and this video show two of the different (equally correct) interpretations or themes of the song. The lyric video is clearly about a relationship. And then in this video, two different stories (at least). You have the older woman crying over the loss of her loved one (death) and you also have the younger woman waking up and realizing that her partner has left her (they've gone their separate ways). So two different contexts, leading to the same conclusion: You don't know what you've got, until it's gone.
  5. Just realized the guitar riff during the intro, outro, and transition into the 2nd verse kind of reminds me of Given Up just a tiny bit. I thought I remember someone who attended the listening party saying that they felt the album was full of Given Up's...though I'm not sure if they felt that way about this song. I'm not sure the song as a whole reminds me of Given Up...just some of the guitar parts a bit. Edit: Ok, I just realized some of the guitar parts also remind me of Victimized haha. Or maybe it was Victimized that I was thinking of and not Given Up. It's definitely one or both.
  6. Good song. For me, choosing between Wastelands, UIG, and GATS is basically splitting hairs. They're all good songs but not great songs in my opinion. And that's because they all lack something in the chorus (especially UIG but Wastelands does also as far as originality goes...and maybe so does GATS) or on the verses (Not Wastelands though. Wastelands probably has the best verses out of the 3 songs). I'd give GATS an 8/10, UIG an 8 or 8.5/10, and Wastelands probably an 8/10. In any case, I can't wait to hear some of the other songs that I think will be more complete and just better written, especially on the choruses. Again, the three songs so far are good. I'm just expecting there to be at least 2 or 3 tracks that will be better than what we've heard so far. I feel like A Line in the Sand will be one of them.
  7. Yup, good news. This is going to be the last song I listen to before I buy the album in the store on 6/17. I decided I was only going to listen to 3 tracks on the album total (before it releases) after we found out that The Summoning and Drawbar were both interludes/instrumentals. I think between UIG, GATS, and Wastelands...I'll be able to make it.
  8. So it sounds like the Darien show isn't as close to selling out as the Woodlands one? I wonder how long it will take for the Darien summit passes to sell out...? Hopefully the price increase for the passes will make it take longer for them to sell out, which will give some of us a better chance of grabbing one.
  9. Can you elaborate on this more? I'm not exactly sure what you meant. The song has been confirmed for an Itunes release soon?
  10. I'd laugh sooooooo hard if they closed out the encore with Across The Line or Three Band Terror.
  11. Holy shit, they did Wastelands in full? Even with the snippet coming out earlier, that's a surprise. Ok, seriously, this set is shaping up to be amazing. Dare I say that this might be the first setlist in a long time that not ONE person will complain about?
  12. Shock of the night will be when they close the show with Powerless. Ok, jk, that would be weird. Would be unexpectedly awesome though if they played IBG or Powerless.
  13. I used to think that "best album" and "favorite album" were basically the same thing. Most of the time, I would say that most people's favorite album is also the one they think is the best. I guess it's not always like that though, depending on how you determine what makes something "best". Anyway, since this question is asking what my favorite album is and not what I think the best is...I'm going with...Minutes to Midnight. At this current point in time, MTM is probably my favorite album from them. And it may remain that way for a long time.
  14. Awwww, poor LTGYA. Just got dethroned as the longest LP song. Oh well, I hope A Line In The Sand will be just as good. Anyway, these are some cool track lengths. I know it's not good to make assumptions of what songs are just based on track lengths so I'll just call this a guess. I think the only instrumental/interlude on this album will be The Summoning. And I say at MOST, there could be 2. Personally, I'm happy about that. War and Drawbar are the two shortest tracks after The Summoning and both of them are still longer than the longest interlude on ATS. Also, War comes right after The Summoning which is likely to be an instrumental/interlude itself and so I don't find it likely that War is also one. So for me, the only track besides the Summoning that could be one is Drawbar. And Drawbar would probably be an instrumental based on it's length. Anyway, I'm impressed with the overall length they managed to compile here. Not to diss ATS (I know that's a cardinal sin on another website), but ATS managed to be the longest album partly because of 6 interludes (half of which just repeated lyrics/words found elsewhere on the album). So yea, I'm more impressed with the overall track length of THP than ATS.
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