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  1. Well, nice work to release this.. Though, I don't like the cut. Except for Chester all this footage is cut together from different times during the gig. Take a look at Amir: With jacket, without jacket, with jacket, without jacket... I don't think that's professional at all. Sorry...
  2. Awesome choice in my opinion! The Delta Fiasco really rock and they sound great! Can't wait to see them live!
  3. Wow! Awesome xmas present for me! I'm glad I at least do have a dime account ^^
  4. I'll probalby go to Amsterdam as well xD
  5. Not really happy with the venues... Cologne and two of the other shows... don't know which ones yet. Edit: okay... Hamburg + Berlin.... and obviously Cologne
  6. I got the setlist from a girl who went there. I found her because of her photos ^^ She said it was the usual long setlist which would mean: 01. Crawl Back In 02. Condemned 03. Morning After 04. Fire 05. Let Down 06. Walking In Circles 07. Too Late 08. End Of The World 09. Inside Of Me 10. My Suffering 11. 20 Eyes (Misfits cover) She could remember all the songs but named some of them in another order, but she said that she wasn't sure about the sequence, so I _suppose_ it is like the usual one.
  7. fuck, if I can help you somehow, let me know. I'm sorry I didn't replied on msn, but I wasn't at home...
  8. 30STM = Fail -.- Sublime are cult...they haven't played for years after their frontman died and now they are back.
  9. Finally, Mr Ryan Shuck posted something about LPs album in the works...and about the website situation and Level 7 as well... Link Thanks for clarifying... Hope all of those who are complaining about DBS are satisfied now!
  10. but this wouldn't be a new song ^^' Anyway, killing fields would be awesome!
  11. I think that's fucking awesome! Can't wait to hear new JK stuff!
  12. Julien-K Germany: 1 2 3 4 Just take the one(s) you want =)
  13. Would JK-Germany be allowed to hand in a banner as well? I mean, you also have Jk on the page ^^
  14. That's why the song seems to be misplaced compared to the other nominations.
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