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One More Light Album

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Just heard it, at the first listen it gives me exactly what I expected it to be. Idk if that is positive or negative currently. The production feels so hot-at-the-moment that I sometimes can sing 5 different hot 100 top 10s from the last year over some songs. I have said it in some of the threads of the released/performed songs, but yeah I keep wondering how they had these co called deep conversations and ended up with a rather lackluster production for those personal lyrics. I get that for them this sound is new territory and I don't mind them experimenting, but in this case I really wanna be the fly on the wall to see how the production of the album was created. Because you can't tell me this chainsmokers sound is something they aspired to create. My favorite tracks are currently Talking To Myself and Battle Symphony. Even though I enjoy Sorry For Now, that tired *ss 'break' makes me like the song less, because it has been done so many times already by various artists.

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Nobody can save me 6/10
Good goodbye 6/10
Talking to myself 9/10
Battle symphony 9/10
Invisible 7/10
Heavy 5/10
Sorry for now 7/10
Halfway right 7/10
One more light 10/10
Sharp edges 9/10

Only OML got a 10 from me because it just hits you in the feels, it's a masterpiece that was supposed to be a single imo.

As for the rest they were either entertaining (7 and above) or just annoying and way too poppy (6 or less)

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The whole album is just so mellow. Like, the songs themselves are fine, but I just don't like how it was mixed. For example, Talking to Myself sounds fucking awesome live, but the studio version is all 100% chill. The energy is lost somewhere in the mix. Really weird.


The lyrics are touching. Everyone sounds great on the album, but I feel like whoever was responsible for mixing killed a lot of great natural vibes.


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