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  1. And it makes all sense if that's the case.
  2. We didn't get any show for the One More Light Tour. We didn't get any show for the first run of the PT Tour. And we are talking about a country that always nearly sold out every freaking show Linkin Park gave in. And I don't have any doubt that we would sold out a Mike's one as well.
  3. For what it is supposed to be, I kinda dig it. Nice vocals by our man.
  4. The Linkin Park Portugal' staff wishes you guys an happy birthday! Stay together! And continue to make Chester proud!
  5. I wouldn't mind. Muse do that since the very beginning.
  6. Mike went really, really deep once again during About You/Over Again/Papercut. You can see it in his eyes.
  7. Friday was a roller-coaster, man. Kept thinking about Chester all day long, even when I was very, very busy. Kept mentally singing a lot some of the One More Light song, especially Nobody Can Save Me. I miss knowing that Chester is doing something great for us. I miss you, man.
  8. I'll be working all day long, so... I think it will be just another day but with a lot of emotional weight associated.
  9. I am in love with this album. Need to listen to it a little more few times but... Mike did a great job. Looking forward to listen to it live.
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