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  1. This! As soon as that happened, I spent the rest of the song trying to differentiate her vocals and the playback. Wonder what it looked like to the fans in attendance who have never heard of her. I can't imagine that it was a great impression! Shame too, she was really killing it on stage. Seemed like she had a good buzz going and was very energetic.
  2. Mike, thank you for the explanation. Really glad you did, gives me a different perspective on the song.
  3. Really wonder who he's talking about in verse 2 of PYW. Don't really know if it ties in to the people causing the drama the last few days. To me, I don't know why he would seek their approval anyways and support for his direction. Seems like it's someone a bit closer to him that gave him an "I don't know" and he felt betrayed/frustrated. I know it doesn't make sense if it's about the band. I don't know, this cryptic stuff really has me curious.
  4. I guess I didn't pay attention too much to the Amoeba performance. Had a big WTF moment when I heard/realized this. It really does sound weird.
  5. High voltage was not done. He definitely asked if the crowd wanted Cigarettes or Heavy and mentioned this is for 'later on in the show, not now'. Before heavy he said "I believe you guys requested something". Didn't watch the video yet, so not sure if pieces are missing or what. Will take a look after when I can. EDIT: You can see the vote 24 minutes into the video.
  6. Set attached. During the meet and greet high voltage was requested, he did a tease of it over the SFN bridge. We had a vote for either heavy piano version or cigarettes and heavy won by a wide margin. It was Heavy ->ITE->Numb piano version into the About you etc mashup. Cant hear you now sadly was not played, it was hold it together. Maybe someone got them confused. There were a couple of issues with Mikes guitar, especially during Crossing a Line. He joked saying first show of the tour, guys!. WAIF sadly not played. My favourite Post Traumatic song The same LPU folk chanted for high voltage throughout the show at times, Mike acknowledged us and laughted, shook his head and said no, we cant even do that one now! When he said cant he kind of signaled to the gear, so maybe whatever prep he needed to do to have the song (maybe the raid remix) wasnt done. Anyways, I had a blast. Shoutout to the stage right 4-5 LPU folks who Mike counted on to sing I.O.U cause most of the crowd didnt know the words and we did. Shout out to you folks at LPLive as well and thank you for everything you do. We had a flashmob after in the end with signs that said we are the LP Family. Just having a few Jack Daniels beverages right now, typing this up, feeling grateful for what I have. Thank you. Flying back in to Toronto tomorrow and catching the show there. Will update if the set is any different! EDIT: Just noticed it said High Road. That was definitely not played either. Kenji was in this slot.
  7. Amen. Wish I could be in a more celebratory state of mind and have a good time listening to music / honoring him.
  8. It's going to be tough, I've been dreading this day for a while now. Been feeling pretty down lately thinking about it all and wondering what my mind state is going to be like on the 20th. I know for sure that after work I don't want to see or talk to anyone. I've debated being with someone, but I'm honestly going to be a mess and the thought of people feeling sorry for me drives me insane. My friends have gotten to know LP through me and know a decent amount of their music, but since they're pretty casual fans they obviously aren't effected by this day as much as I am. They probably have no idea right now what tomorrow is, they'll probably find out the day of when they see Facebook posts and such. Which is completely cool and all. I would just rather prefer to be with people who feel what I feel. I wish Toronto had a fan meeting/tribute event. I'll go home after work, start drinking, put on the Hollywood Bowl tribute show, go through old photos and listen to DSP's. Hopefully all of the above will keep me in a bittersweet mood instead of taking my mind to a dark place. I've never loved or enjoyed anything in my life as much as I enjoy LP, so here's to hoping it will be okay.
  9. Glad I got to see him / meet him in NYC. Not that I'd mind seeing him with other members on stage, it just felt more special seeing him solo with an intimate crowd. As for the M&G, I believe the list only had ~26 people on it. It's quite the margin down from the amounts they'd have at some M&G's with LP, but it's understandable considering the small venue and the signing in Long Island a few days before.
  10. Something like that. He did a lot of interacting with the crowd between songs as well, definitely made the show feel longer!
  11. He did an impromptu I.O.U before RTN!! That Sorry for Now demo verse holy shit!!! Also hands held high verse one, spoken. Over Again had the first verse dropped in the medley. The bleed it out / good goodbye medley, he let people sing the good goodbye chorus 1 before introducing the BIO verse. Just some notes off the top of my head. Holy shit what an amazing fucking show. He stayed back after and hugged people, signed stuff, took selfies. He jumped into the crowd during RFMS!! Landed on a mostly smaller girl audience and he almost went down!
  12. Lurkers gonna lurk 😂 See you at the show!
  13. Had an awesome time chatting with Lorenzo and Mike. Also got shoo’d away by security when me and Mike were having a conversation! Dylan, I was one of the folks who said hi for a second before I had to rub! Mike was really excited about me liking Running From My Shadow as a closer and said he’s really excited to try it at a bigger show to see if people like it. Those going to the NYC show, if he closes the show with it, let’s jam the fuck out and show him some love!
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