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  1. YouTube has reclaimed my video because it has Pictureboard on it. Confirmed HAHAHAHHA
  2. I do not know why Andrew Lanoie had Pictureboard one year ago...
  3. What shirt is that? I have been searching for SSUR, but it's not in this case. Anyone know it?
  4. It would be LOST IN THE ECHO. Wastelands was cool the first month, after that, I'm not listening it anymore. HT/Meteora songs won't never get old, this is the main reason that they are good songs: so, who do remember Wastelands? or Wretches and Kings? Anybody, and LP know it. It's also the reason that they play most of HT/Meteora songs on shows and less from after these.
  5. Nobody Can Save Me by Linkin Park Not Available 2 Good Goodbye by Linkin Park Not Available 3 Talking to Myself by Linkin Park Not Available 4 Battle Symphony by Linkin Park Not Available 5 Invisible by Linkin Park Not Available 6 Heavy [Explicit] by Linkin Park and Kiiara Not Available 7 Sorry for Now by Linkin Park Not Available 8 Halfway Right by Linkin Park Not Available 9 One More Light by Linkin Park Not Available 10 Sharp Edges by Linkin Park
  6. New song confirmed (0:12) "Out of Reach". It also was in this image, first in the left side (from April 16' in the studio):
  7. Some time ago I watched a live perfomance of Faint from Youtube. It was so surprising for me because Mike and Chester switched their vocal parts, Chester was rapping the verses and Mike was singing the chours. Anyone knows which live was? Thanks
  8. Does anyone know the model of this DC cap? (00:31) Thanks!
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