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  1. Anyone got a reply back from them? All I've gotten was an automated email.
  2. It seems like it was a last minute decision to have his version on the album. When I open Mike's live preset from the VMA 2010 show in Music OS, it doesn't even have those 2 samples that you hear at the end of the song on his keyboard.
  3. Is there a list of all the gear that was put up for sale? I hate how Reverb's site doesn't allow you to view sold items unless you have the link.
  4. Really disappointing news. Was really forward for this. Hope you get the files somehow.
  5. Not 100% sure but I think he uses MP-201 mainly just to switch synth patches for songs like The Catalyst when he switches from organ synth sounding to grand piano after the breakdown, or Iridescent when he switches from grand piano to electric piano effect on the outro. You can kinda see him doing that in this video. https://youtu.be/K25snEtllio?t=293 Don't think you would need theremin for New Divide or WTCFM. Starting Living Tours when he stopped using it, he uses the faders or knobs on the top left of the keyboard to control the filter just like what you see him doing here. https://youtu.be/efh1bjAfYBc?t=33
  6. Im guessing patches and samples till Living Things tour will be available on the Neko. Does the samplers that you bought comes with samples or they wiped them clean?
  7. One of the Neko ad has this in the description. "This unit is very clean and well-behaved. It includes incredible sounds from Linkin Park's live show, including synth patches, samples, and full set-list patches from various shows!"
  8. I would buy Mike's Neko if i have the cash. Really hope whoever buys them will share the samples and synth patches.
  9. Mike coming for a show in United Arab Emirates would be really great. I was thankful enough that I was able to see Linkin Park play 8 years ago in Abu Dhabi and I was even considering going to STP show for Chester but unfortunately it got cancelled.
  10. Video is up. https://www.facebook.com/linkinpark/videos/2040457085969998/
  11. Here's a better picture of what's on the screen, picture was taken from the summit last year at Amsterdam
  12. Good thing I ripped it last night.
  13. Joe uploaded a picture of his rig during rehearsals before the tour started. You can see the NI Maschine on this picture. https://instagram.com/p/xxbYzIuVfa/?taken-by=mrjoehahn
  14. What is the estimated cost for Linkin Park to make an album and music video?
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