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Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - "Darker Than Blood"


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Steve Aoki's new album entitled "Neon Future II" is set to be released on May 12th, 2015.


Back in 2013, it was revealed that Steve Aoki and Linkin Park had been working on four or five songs together. Only few months after the release of their first collaborative track, A Light That Never Comes, they went back to the studio to work on new music for Aoki's new album, Neon Future. A Billboard article revealed this new track would be called Horizons. About the song, Steve said:

"’Horizons’ definitely has the definitive ‘Neon Future’ sound. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s the track I have worked on the most of all the songs on the album and I can’t wait for people to hear it."

@steve aoki now #neonfutureII is 99.3% finished... onward to the future
@steve aoki Mastering session for #neonfutureII as we speak.
@LucaPretolesi Full day #mastering session with @steveaoki for #neonfutureII @StudioDMI #STUDIOLIFE
@steveaoki Final stage of #neonfutureII. #mastering @lucadigitalboy
@steveaoki #neonfutureII 99.7% finished.
@steveaoki Finished up the studio part of #neonfutureII and called my brother @thesharkdaymond to mothafuckin' celebrate with some mothafuckin' tea mothafuckaaaaasssss!!
@steveaoki Finished up the studio side of #neonfutureII!!!! Now onto wrapping up all da paperwork and all that red tape signed off. This part sucks.

Now that the album is completed, it will be released May 12, 2015 with Steve saying, "Neon Future II coming 5/12 ft. new music w/ @LinkinPark @SnoopDogg @RiversCuomo @NERVOmusic @MatthewKoma + more TBA!"

3/1 EDIT: Steve Aoki performed a live version of the song at his concert in Chicago, Illinois that was broadcasted via Yahoo! Live. Download + listen to the track here! The song is a mashup and has drops by R3hab (Samurai) and DVBBS & MOTi (This Is Dirty). Lyrics here.

4/2 EDIT: "Horizons" is now "Darker Than Blood," and is the lead single from Aoki's upcoming album. The single will be released on April 14!


What do you think?

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Not a fan of this genre of jams at all with LP....glad they dropped ALTNC short, glad it was played once full band ever, glad they aren't doing more of this stuff, aaaaand I hope they don't play this one. I generally don't make such negative posts but I hate ALTNC...a lot.

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wow this is cool news. i'm really excited. i think A light that Never Comes is one of the best songs. i wish i could be at a linkin Park show where they play the song live. i think this new song will be just as good. i hope maybe they will join steve aoke at one show and perform this song with him. :)

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yeah, me too . i really like the sound on songs like A light that Never comes, It goes Through (Luna) from MALL, Lost in the Echo, In my Remains, Burn it Down, SKin to bone and more. i like the hard rock/metal sound that LP has too but i also love the electronic pop rock stuff too because not everything has to be super heavy, LP can do good in whatever genre they want to.

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Before people start bitching about the song: It's a live recording/version. The actual studio version can be vastly different.


It seems to be highly remixed for me so I'll wait until the studio version is out before I form my opinion about the song.

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