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  1. Great chorus and instrumental, so bad it never got finished. Perfect sound for LP7!
  2. I'll get #5, 2010 Demo soon and I already got 2011 Demo, lol. #1 is 2006/2007 Instrumental and instead of it I got Chance of Rain and short demo from 2008. So nice!
  3. "I WILL THE SONG PICTUREBOARD"I still remember this post. Literally my favorite post ever lol
  4. 01. Announcement Service Public 02. Qwerty 03. Blackbirds 04. Not Alone 05. Chance of Rain 06. Pretend To Be 07. No Roads Left 08. Pale 09. What We Don't Know 10. Across The Line
  5. I can try to do it, but it can take me some time (some difficult/weird words)Btw isn't there any translation of it already? I know someone translated it and sent to LP back in 2004
  6. I believe no one did it...I like that video. Pretty beautiful. That girl has the same name as me. Too bad she died before their first show in Poland
  7. Yes, as Soul has said. Can't choose which show was better (Wroclaw had UIG, GATS, LITE, that specific atmosphere and a lot of other great things, but Rybnik had ALITS, FM, Rebellion, I was at the M&G and I've seen live a lot of people I know from forums)
  8. Animals and Chance of Rain are really cool. Basil is also amazing, but too short
  9. I'm going to rejoin LPU. I'm not hurrying up, cause my LPU14 ends up on 12.31 Pretty interesting idea with these songs. Can't wait to hear all of them.
  10. iTunes Festival 2011, Wrocław 2014, Rock Am Ring 2001, Docklands Arena 2001, Rybnik 2015, Orlando 2015
  11. http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=10886&p=222444 There was also a better source, I'll try to find it or upload it from my PC