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  1. yup and i also just remembered that mike hurt his ankle at maybe download or russia or something like that, i don't remember which show, from last year. but mike still played the tour so i don't think it was AS bad
  2. i think this album cycle was doomed from the start brad injures his back in 2014 (europe promo tour) chester injures his back in 2014 (carnivores tour at west palm beach) brad gets an ear infection and cant travel 2014 (brazil tour) chester breaks his ankle and cancels the tour 2015 (hunting party tour 2015)
  3. yeah the other random music is from Mall, i have the soundtrack and i know those songs. but this is a good LpTv. i feel really bad for the people that got their show cancelled and it looks like the rest of the band was bummed out when chester said he didnt know if he could still play the show and they were discussing the injuiry and everything. but i know chester couldnt do it because the risk would be too much . i also feel bad for chester because of what happened but maybe he should not play sports in the future on tour i hope chester can recover good and that Lp will be back on tour soon
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YcLW-3kEGk in the video, mike mentions that phoenix is playing a song from '97, he says. then chester says he remembers singing on the song and it was one of the demos that they have finished . but my question is this . on wikipedia or someplace, i read that chester had joined the band in 1999 . obviously i know that they had a different singer named mark, but how can chester remember the song and supposedly had sang to it if he didnt join the band until 2 years later ?
  5. i agree because it seems like a lot of stuff from Hunting Party is similar to minutes to Midnight , at least for me. maybe just because it is more guitar and drum style just like how minutes to Midnight was like that too
  6. i wish we could get hybrid theory songs on this because its my favorite album of all time
  7. If LP keeps up the tradition we will get a new album in June 2016 and a summer tour in the states to follow.
  8. Mike did a piece of art that came with the LPU10 membership , it was on a piece of paper which came apart from the package.
  9. wait so MALL was already released on CD in january but no one knew ? i might try to buy this CD because i really like the song white noise and it would be cool to have it on a real CD instead of just mp3
  10. this show is good... does anyone have AFI set from this show?
  11. well LP did have a huge US tour planned for January and February. it didn't have west coast dates on it but they took care of that by playing Vegas and stuff in may, they probably didn't plan for the tour to get randomly canceled so they figured the east coast was taken care of US just had Carnivores Tour, too. so during ATS and LT, the US only got 1 tour, while for THP, the US got 2. THP was the number one album in Germany and Europe, I think, so this is why they are doing 3 tours in Europe this time, it makes sense.
  12. i didnt know this.. i listened to shadow of the day on itunes now and yeah it sounds different then my CD does. i like the CD one a lot better and i like the original ''No Roads Left'' better too.
  13. Has the line up for WMMRBQ been released today yet ? i know that LP probably won't do Kansas City thanks to hahninator. i wonder what else the band will play this year . i hope they play new york City.
  14. i honestly think this is one of the best tracks that chester has ever sang on before
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