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  1. Still enjoy this record as much as I did the first time I heard it. Hands down my favorite LP record to date.
  2. Tossed the track into Audacity and ran vocal reduction with the default values. You can also toss in a second copy of the song and invert it to make a half assed acapella (won’t always work).
  3. I ran a vocal remover on the track, it tends to leave behind backing vocals and reverb tracks. Still can’t hear Jaime in the least bit, and anyone that has seen or followed his instagram knows Jaime doesn’t sound like his dad so he’s definitely not doing leads. If he’s actually on the track, this is just bad mixing
  4. 1. Releasing Hybrid Theory 2. Releasing Meteora 3. Releasing MTM 4. Releasing ATS 5. Releasing LT next time expand it to top 7 smh /s
  5. That's fucking awesome. I've seen Jason live, dude is definitely a top 5 best live frontman. His voice actually reminds me of Chester's too, most notably on Fever 333's songs Made An America, Animals, and Burn It
  6. it’s a matter of morals. Hahninator listed out the negative connotations attached to this project. As another example, Sean had previously tweeted about Sam being a total bitch, then did a complete 180 once this project started. Sam, Chester’s mom, and his sister have done nothing, but toss LP, Mike, and Talinda into a hole of insults, all while Mike and co continued to honor Chester through his live shows, 320Change, and just by not bringing up his name for publicity or cashing in on him (letting him actually rest in peace). Lets also not forget that only hours after Chester’s passing, Brian Welch called Chester a coward and now he’s suddenly on this record, whom Sean recruited. You can like the music, I’ll even admit to enjoying the majority of this record, but if Sean is best at anything, it’s being a business man. If that means having to toss your friend’s name and his band around to promote yourself, then he’ll do it.
  7. If anyone is gonna record this and can share, that'd be awesome. I'll be working or having class throughout all of these...
  8. Lol I’m of opposite mindset. Thought “burn this motherfucker down” was absolutely terrible. Hands down the worst lyrics to come out of Mike’s mouth. Still enjoy the song a lot, but the first verse, nahhhhhhhh
  9. Don’t agree with their promotional approach to this album, but Sometimes and Sickness are great. Still gonna give this a listen when it drops
  10. No one is saying that. The complaint doesn't come from the initial response, it's from that very logic you're stating. You don't care for the song? Great, just don't expect everyone to be singing and holding hands when you call a song straight garbage, trash, shit, etc in the very forum of those fans. If I wanted to stir shit, I'd talk about how various songs like TLTGYA, Runaway, Nobody's Listening, etc are absolute trash, but I know where I'm at and this, or any major fan location isn't gonna react to a negative response with open arms
  11. Brilliant rebuttal, but you must have me confused with someone that gives two shits for whatever time frame you've known the band. Why not take that logic and go hangout at lpassociation instead, kiddo
  12. No, you're a better fan when you realize you don't care for the song and choose to move on and listen to something else rather than talk about how it's "shit" here. I don't even know why you're complaining. You want people that don't bow down and praise "every song ever made", then don't come straight to an LP forum, attack something LP related, and expect to come out like everything is fine. You may as well jump into a lion's cage with raw meat and wonder why it's trying to attack you
  13. I’ve enjoyed all their collabs with Steve. From what we can make out, this sounds like it’ll be great too.
  14. I just realized Hole isn’t included in the album. I was really looking forward to that remix
  15. I’ve had this thought on my mind for some time. It’s easy to put words in the mouth of a dead man. This interview alone makes it sound like Chester was tired of LP and slowly trying to drift to any other band to fill his rock needs
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