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  1. Wasn’t a fan of the original track (and really Grey Daze tbh), but I have to admit that it sounds A LOT better than this updated version. Not trying to bash anyone, but for a project that has been in the works for 2-3 years, I expected something better sounding, especially considering the resources they had at their disposal
  2. It annoys me that she continues to use his last name. Like seriously lady? I understand the son stuff, but she's just gold digging her way through life and taking advantage of the fact that Chester isn't here to speak up
  3. Hooked on the revamped version of Hole. I hope it hasn't been hugely altered since.
  4. The change in lyrics could also come from the fact that the song was leaked a while back. It did seem as tho Garrix was upset by the leak and scrapped the initial single release. On one of his instagram streams he even said there was no point in releasing the track anymore. This change probably came from him wanting to give his fans a new and fully completed song as intended.
  5. Crossing my fingers for a live debut of Promises I Can't Keep and Can't Hear You Now.
  6. The WID scream was definitely sick, no complaint there, but idk, dude. I thought his screams were pretty terrible overall during the OML tour. Rather than the standard fry screams he pulled off, it sounded like he was struggling to control his vocals and it came out sounding like shrieking instead. I noticed the decline in 2015, but thought he was just having a couple bad screaming days. I do think he did an amazing job on the new songs (except for Battle Symphony) and he always shined on New Divide last year, but everything else seemed 50/50.
  7. Exactly! Comic Con, 02 World, Red Bull Sound Space, Download fest, etc. I've seen LP perform 6 or 7 times and Chester was absolutely amazing at the 2014 Tinley Park show, best I'd seen him pull off.
  8. I'm always confused when people say Chester's singing from the THP era was worse than the OML era. I always thought he did way better in 2014 (apart from his performances of New Divide). Is there some secret performance I missed out where Chester did absolutely terrible?
  9. I am so sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose close family and for me, listening to songs like this do help, but will often leave an ice cold sting, especially when you dwell on the past. Regardless, I'm glad you have a song that you can connect with. I have to say that Over Again is definitely my favorite out of the three as well. The theme of loss is prominent and speaks to us very clearly.
  10. There’s one big thing Chester’s death opened me up to, and it was music as a whole. Since the day I first heard Linkin Park, they’ve always been the band I’d always go back to no matter what music would currently be influencing my life. With Chester gone, I have to accept that Linkin Park’s music won’t be the same again. Mike is a wonderful singer and can certainly keep LP’s spirit alive along with the rest of the guys, but Chester definitely left a void that one craves. Since his passing, I’ve decided to expand my pallet to other artists I never really listened to (Asking Alexandria, Two Door Cinema Club, AJR, Eminem, Phoenix, etc), and for the first time in my life, I feel like there will be a point in time where LP won’t be the band that is there for me, not because Chester is gone, but because it feels like the days will only get quieter for them. If and when LP returns with a new album, I’ll be there waiting with full support because these guys gave me a soundtrack to my life for over a decade, and that’s something I will never forget.
  11. I also partake in the playing of the video games. Console gamer over here with current focus on my switch
  12. Nobody Can Save Me seems to be a mash up of multiple performances. At 3:24, Chester sings "I don't wanna let you down, no I don't wanna let you". The "I don't wanna let you" is from the 02 London performance. He messes up the lyrics before that as well, but it's not included on the album version which definitely means they used different vocal takes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRDEDAEmn-A
  13. I thought Chester was really hit or miss this tour, but Amsterdam was great. He usually couldn't perform New Divide post LT touring cycle, but he nailed it here. Numb was also great considering how many times his voice cracked in the chorus at other shows this year. Everything from Amsterdam is clean. Overall, I'm satisfied with the performances they chose. Only things I would change is swapping the NCSM performance with the one from Berlin, WID's performance with the one from Rock Werchter, and use the Sharp Edges performance from 02 London, and LOATR with the Download fest Paris show or Las Vegas.
  14. This sounds neat! Is it for a specific form of gaming?
  15. Sorry, but you're wrong simply for the fact that everything released related to the band since his passing has been for Chester or in his honor - OML single - OML music video/Fan lyric video - One More Light fund and proceeds from charities provided for the fund - http://chester.linkinpark.com - Tribute Concert - Looking For An Answer - One More Light Live album - James Jean Tribute Art - Steve Aoki mixes - Carpool Karoke - #MakeChesterProud The list goes on. And just because something hasn't been released now doesn't mean it won't released in the future. One day at a time.
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