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New Linkin Park music coming soon?


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American technology blogger Robert Scoble recently posted a short comment on having a discussion with Mike, who is apparently planning on releasing his own album in the coming weeks through social networks.

"We talked about how he is planning on launching a new album in a few weeks on social nets. Says their new album, The Hunting Party, was launched on Facebook and was a big success."
What do you think this could mean? New Linkin Park music? The Mall soundtrack? Remixes?

Read the full article here.

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The Hunting Party was launched on Facebook. What the hell does that even mean?


I don't see how Mike is releasing some secret Fort Minor album all the sudden, when did he even record this? They only thing really unreleased at this point is the Mall stuff.

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I highly doubt it could be new Fort Minor music, or even just solo stuff from Mike in general, but maybe. I think it will just be the Mall OST or something related to Mall, it would make sense.

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Some new music is always awesome ofcourse, but I read the Kerrang scans about the Warped performance and the artical endded with stating that more surprises were coming the next weeks. So maybe its some collab with those Warped tour bands??

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It could be one of the following:


1) "The Mall" complete soundtrack (but would they really release it before the film was out?)

2) "Hybrid Theory" Live @ Download full show/proshot + audio

3) "The Hunting party" Instrumentals & accapellas

4) "The hunting party" b-sides (though they'll probably save these for LPU XIV)

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