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  1. Continue as a 5 piece. Take Jon Greene out on tour. Tour with bands who would be willing to have singers guest on a couple songs. For example... first tour back could be with Sum 41 and Deryck comes out for a couple songs...etc.
  2. Thank you for that Astat! Love your show notes. It was also nice meeting you in person.
  3. Chester, I'm sorry I couldn't help you the way you helped me.....

  4. Super thankful for the longer sets. Hoping that we got something like that in the US.
  5. After listening to the album about 10+ times now, I really like it. My top 5 are Nobody Can Save Me, Sorry For Now, One More Light, Talking To Myself, and Halfway Right. The rest of the album is a decent effort. I only don't like Heavy and I am growing tired of Good Goodbye fast. I can't believe they used those songs to promote the album when there is much better work to be shown off. I also really wish there was at least 2-3 songs with Mike rapping. Alas, I like it overall... probably because I can relate to a lot of the songs. Battling alcoholism, battling past demons, and coping with recen
  6. I hear heavy Twenty One Pilots influence of Sharp Edges and Halfway Right.
  7. I'll be getting off work right as its ending. Hoping it'll be available somewhere tomorrow night.
  8. I missed these. Great post! I'm not a huge fan of the song, but I can't wait to see it live with the full band plus Carpool Karaoke with LP would be fantastic!
  9. Mark, I 100% agree. I wish he would do STP shows in his spare time instead of quitting all together. Probably had to do with the band wanting a full time singer and not wait around on him. Which is totally understandable. Either way, this stuff is super rad and I wish I could see him perform with other acts.
  10. I hope its Kendrick Lamar! Also, BMTH would be a good guess. They are friends with them and BMTH lives in London.
  11. Totally agree 100% Also, have you talked to LPA about this? I'm sure they would be glad to help.