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  1. CaL was a bad choice as a lead single. I understand it's meaning played a part in selecting the song as the first single, but Ghosts also has relevant lyrics and has a higher potential to perform as a single.
  2. Is there footage of 'The Catalyst' with an outro jam?
  3. About You rrreaaallyyy had to grow on me but at times I have it on repeat. So up to now, there's not a song I dislike. He is indeed killing it right now.
  4. Mike's vocals are interesting. I can finally hear what Brad plays on the guitar (way different than how I thought to hear it). I only hear Ilsey on the "oohh" parts after they sing the title. And bring me Nobody Can Save Me now. I'll devour it!
  5. I think I'll stop listening to the new songs until the whole album releases. I know it's still a month away, but I'll kill my time with Snow Patrol next week!
  6. I'd like to hear the vocals of Ilsey Juber in it!
  7. Ahh the run-up to the release of Minutes to Midnight. Those were the days!
  8. I was thinking about it yesterday. With every album the guys release, there are always some songs which are mehh, like it's a 6 to 7 max out of ten. But these four songs are really solid. They are all unique in beats, heaviness, structure, ambiance. Still, they're really really good songs with not a lot of flaws or elements I don't like. So you could say I'm impressed by that.
  9. Funny because I think the exact opposite. Imo LT has the worst mixing of all the albums. Manny destroyed a brilliant song like Castle of Glass because it sounds too condensed.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I love how Mike is openly talking about the songs. How he's answering questions on Twitter. Gives us quite some insight. There are so much songs I want to know more about but the info available is scarce. That's not the case with these three songs.
  11. When or where did he say that? That's interesting.
  12. I really LOVE the ad-libbing Mike does in the background on Over Again. The parts that resemble Chester's vocals. Just like Mike ad-libs at the climax on The Catalyst. It adds so much to the song.
  13. I don't post very often. But I'd like to say this to you guys. It's like I'm not the only one. First a breakup after 7,5 years and then Chester. I've never felt such darkness and emptiness in my life. All after a great first half year. Still. 2017 is a year to forget. And we have to keep the words of Mike in his latest Instagram post in our minds. I'm still recovering from those two hits that I took (especially the first one of course). The small setbacks are the hardest. But I'm proud of the progress I'm making. Going to the gym, going back to playing the guitar again. I'm not there yet. But I'll reach that point. And I hope you all will. It's a process. The moment will arrive that you look back at all you've been been through and you'll realize how strong you've become. And I can't wait for the moment I've reached that point.
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