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  1. Well, Could Have Been is unique. It's very LP, but then again it's not. Really took me as a surprise to hear that on Sirius!
  2. I forgot about Holding Company. Was that also from ATS? Nice to hear the info about the nearing dealdine because I didn't knew much of the details you mention. Do we have a list of the post ATS songs which were released on later albums? And I want those demos!
  3. I'm not surprised at all that Castle of Glass originated from the A Thousand Suns sessions. It has a lot more depth in layering than the rest of the songs on Living Things. Just like Tinfoil/Powerless. That said, I didn't think the same about I'll Be Gone.. But is this new info or am I just out of the loop? You now have four out of the thirteen songs on Living Things who started out during the recording of A Thousand Suns.
  4. When does he talk about Primo? Does anyone have a time stamp?
  6. CaL was a bad choice as a lead single. I understand it's meaning played a part in selecting the song as the first single, but Ghosts also has relevant lyrics and has a higher potential to perform as a single.
  7. Is there footage of 'The Catalyst' with an outro jam?
  8. About You rrreaaallyyy had to grow on me but at times I have it on repeat. So up to now, there's not a song I dislike. He is indeed killing it right now.
  9. Mike's vocals are interesting. I can finally hear what Brad plays on the guitar (way different than how I thought to hear it). I only hear Ilsey on the "oohh" parts after they sing the title. And bring me Nobody Can Save Me now. I'll devour it!
  10. I think I'll stop listening to the new songs until the whole album releases. I know it's still a month away, but I'll kill my time with Snow Patrol next week!
  11. I'd like to hear the vocals of Ilsey Juber in it!
  12. Ahh the run-up to the release of Minutes to Midnight. Those were the days!
  13. I was thinking about it yesterday. With every album the guys release, there are always some songs which are mehh, like it's a 6 to 7 max out of ten. But these four songs are really solid. They are all unique in beats, heaviness, structure, ambiance. Still, they're really really good songs with not a lot of flaws or elements I don't like. So you could say I'm impressed by that.
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