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  1. It could be The Mall OST through social networks to build interest and hype around the movie. But THP pt. 2 would be epic.
  2. Looking forward to this documentary. It looks very interesting.
  3. I thought the female singer's response was appropriate. How would you feel if another artist compared your work to commercial disney? LP has received some bad press lately.
  4. I saw LPLive's facebook post about it. First of all, AX7 sucks. They sound like a mainstream rip off of everything that anyone else has ever done. It is disgusting. Yes, album sales are going down. Single sales are going up. But this was equally true with Living Things.
  5. I really like ammosick. That was really cool.
  6. Hi. Im a new member to this site. I liked what you wrote here. When I listen to the song, however, I sort of feel like the focus is like the realization of the antagonist on Numb. Smothering, but then realizing that you have to let go. Your lyrics are good, but they changed the meaning for me.
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