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  1. For as many good points have been made on here, here's my 2 cents. I think the LPU does need to be preserved; reinstating the LPUTV archive is a perfect first step. When LPU17 launched, Lorenzo said there was also going to be an LPU app that would allow members to stream the LPU exclusive music through the app. It was a wicked idea to show the members they're serious about the LPU and moving with the times in terms of streaming, but unfortunately they never followed through. I think they should have continued LPU without releasing the "new merch" pack. As others have said, it's a recycled logo on unnecessary merch items. It's fine to not have an updated logo or anything but maybe just continue to stock what they already had until they are ready to launch something new. It also clashes with what Music For Relief stands for as well, considering the impact of "fast fashion" on the environment, why pump out extra merch that provides nothing new to fans nor does it promote anything new for LP? As someone who lives in New Zealand, there is little reason to resubscribe. Mike hasn't and won't come to NZ, which is fine, but it means the only thing LPU has for internstional fans are the forums [which are not as well developed as here], the videos [which are all available unofficially on YouTube], and the store [which everything is now available on eBay]. If they're going to use the LPU for Mike's solo career, why not release MS demos or tracks that didn't make the cut? The CAL Sketch Version could have been an LPU exclusive, especially as it's unlikely to appeal to casual fans anyway. Mike could have done a live chat or competition or something to enhance the LPU experience. LPU should definitely be kept alive but either go all in and give members content [whether MS or otherwise] or let it remain dormant until LP returns, don't half ass it because it looks a lot like a money grab, even if that's not the intention. P.S. This sounds more aggressive than intended. I love the LP family and respect what they're going through, this is just how I would've viewed it if I was working the LPU.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4RD_I3Ayzr/
  3. Ah man, I'm still hoping for an AKL 2013 recording to crop up. I never even considered taping since it was the first tour show they did without a DSP. Big regrets.
  4. I think if you're doing LPLive merch, it needs to reference the band without being band merch. Maybe some kind of symbolism for the five living members and one past. Maybe some really niche references to inside jokes like Petrucio the Piñata or "hotdogs and ketchup" or something to do with Mike not being able to touch his shoulders. I'm not too helpful with specifics sorry but these are definitely the broader ideas I think would actually inspire me to spend money on merch.
  5. Holy shit for some reason I'd never really watched a full show from the OML era besides the festival shows or acoustic performances at interviews. Did they have this lighting rig at all the shows? It's fucking wild. During CoG XP it just goes nuts.
  6. If nothing else, I took some scans of the cd and artwork which you can find here. The cover is as low quality as the preview on the website, I would say they probably used the exact file [incl. dimensions] to print it.
  7. I wonder if he considered releasing the song at this stage or whether he knew it was unfinished but decided to start filming. Either way, I kinda like the video, I prefer the final version of the song, but cool to hear the development not went through.
  8. I feel ya bud, my first show was the New Zealand 2013 concert. I didn't record anything, thinking there would be a DSP.
  9. I also didn't realise that Live 8 has been slowly uploading all the videos over the last few months from the concert in 1080 with no watermarks. In The End has over 1,000,000 views and Numb / Encore has over 6,000,000.
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