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  1. I'm not sure whether this is the right place for this but I couldn't find any information on it anywhere. Under Joe's BMI repertoire, a song is listed called "He Who Giveth". He is listed as the only writer, and it belongs to Mr. Hahn's "Big Bad Mr. Hahn Music" publishing title. http://repertoire.bmi.com/DetailView.aspx?detail=titleid&keyid=28616727&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeqNbr=0&blnWriter=True&blnPublisher=True&blnArtist=True&blnAltTitles=True
  2. Unfortunately I forgot to post this while it was still live, but Joe did a clay model and drawing for charity over a year ago but has only gone live these last few weeks on NZ's version of eBay, TradeMe. The proceeds went to the Mental Health Foundation here in NZ. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1800057650
  3. I would've loved to have seen more hype around this one, I think it's my favourite from PT. The production is so chill, and contrasts nicely with Mike's delivery. Between LO & RAZORS.OUT, I would love to see an extended Chino x Shinoda (Chinoda? Shino?) release. The MV is nice. Although it's nothing exciting or groundbreaking, it's sweet seeing them in the studio together.
  4. Hey team! Does anyone have an old download file for 8 Bit Rebellion? I know you need an old iOS - I just found my old iPod Touch and would love to play it one more time.
  5. It's out on Spotify in NZ in less than an hour so I'm holding out but judging by those previews from the iHeart podcast I cannot wait. Whatever the song was playing at the 13:00 mark sounded fucking great. Not long now
  6. Don't they normally perform two songs or is it just one? I can imagine first choice would be Crossing A Line and then Running from my Shadow?
  7. This podcast was really insightful and nice to listen to. We usually get the same information across all interviews but this pod gave us some nice refreshing info. Also, what is the track playing in the back at 13:00? That is officially the track I am now looking forward to most.
  8. Dude, I would love to see some photos. If you ever get the chance please post some. Thanks man, do you have any advice for telling what stores are licensed and what is fake merch?
  9. Kia ora LPLive, Since the release of the MTM anniversary pieces on the LP store, I have been curious as to what merch they were offering at the time. I was big into LP then but never thought about looking at that kind of thing and would love to see what it was like, esp. compared to more recent album cycle merch.
  10. This is so awesome to see because I love Place to Start, Crossing A Line, About You and Running From My Shadow, and I don't often listen to the other three. I genuinely dig the difference in opinion on here. What is it about the songs you don't like? I like About You because it is so upbeat, really experimental hip hop production, the vocoder outro is gorgeous. grandson's part and the guitar solo in Running From My Shadow get me head banging in my car. Place To Start is heartbreaking, relatable, and beautiful. Crossing A Line feels so upbeat and is such a catchy singalong song.
  11. Our mans really took the audience for a walk Seriously - that was epic. The confetti and steam cannons looked sick. The set was well chosen. The WFTE / WYG mash up was perfect. I was gleaming with pride throughout that whole performance. Well done Mike, now get your butt to New Zealand!
  12. I am actually pretty shocked at the reception for the track; this is easily my favourite song from Post Traumatic so far! The production is ridiculous in all the best ways, blackbear's verse is very dark R&B which I'm very into, and that outro - LAWDY ME! It was actually pretty sick that Zane Lowe had it looped quietly in the background during the interview. I don't know why everyone's hitting at the lyrics either. The first two lines seem out of place to the rest of the song but the rest is fluid and hard hitting in my opinion. He's actually just saying "of a" really quickly. He even annotated the lyrics on Genius and it says "all of a sudden". EDIT: I take this back. After listening to Mike say it in the verse, it's definitely "the" + it says "the" in the YouTube description. I wish you hadn't brought this up, it's gonna bug me now too haha. This. I feel pretty sorry for Mike that he's now in this situation where Chester's passing is inescapable. I really hope that he doesn't get mentally swamped by all the interviews asking about Chester & Linkin Park, and having to perform the songs on tour. He's created a mourning cycle that he can't escape until the album cycle is over, and if he didn't fully take that into account diving in to this, it could be pretty mentally and emotionally exhausting. Look after yrself Dad.
  13. I would 100% absolutely pay to see Joe do a DJ set. The only thing is, since Joe doesn't have any officially released solo music out and there's nothing that particularly sets him apart from other modern trap DJs - especially now that the scene is saturated following the boom in laptop DJs - I can't imagine his sets selling well unless he was playing small trap clubs. Also, great video attached! I haven't seen footage from his sets before. It sounds really cohesive and fun.
  14. Definitely very cool that there is an LPU pre sale. I was literally thinking last night whether Mike will use the LPU at all through the PT promotional period. To be fair to Dan & Imagine Dragons, they're currently still at their peak with their most recent album having three top 40 hits, and having Sucker For Pain before that. Zedd is still very much a top 40 artist as well with his last three singles being top 40 hits too. In perspective, the last time LP came to New Zealand was for LIVING THINGS which had one top 40 single here. They played one show that (from memory) didn't sell out and cost more than $130. I don't listen to Imagine Dragons OR Zedd, but just putting a different perspective on things.
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