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  1. I just found someone who recorded the Download 2004 show. It’s only 16 minutes but better than nothing! From 42:35 to 58:50.
  2. Damn, so we lost the chance to get those upgrades. 😔
  3. Hey Guys. Any news about TheD7? That would be great to see his upgrades!
  4. Yeah maybe I'm wrong with BIO but the rap part is aggressive, and the music is different just like you said. I think the topic name is wrong. For example: Just because they started to jam again (GATS) that doesn't mean it's a metal song. The question is. What kind of elements they use in their songs? Am I right? Sorry if I'm misunderstood something.
  5. Faith No More, no! RATM, KoRn, Coal Chamber YEAH they were the first nu metal bands and then Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach etc etc etc. I think it's completly ridiculous to call, rapcore, rap rock, rap metal or whatever just because Mike rapping is different.
  6. Rap rock, rap metal, rapcore etc call it whatever you want it's going to be nu metal.
  7. [*]What I've Done (Alternative Rock) Simple radio "rock" song. [*]No More Sorrow (Punk Rock) PUNK ROCK? Hell no It's just another rock song just like given up. [*]Points Of Authority (Rap Metal) You mean nu metal? [*]In The End (Emo Rock [i feel like this song is their MCR song]) Did you hear any emo bands before? I'm sure you not.
  8. Pearl Jam again! 16.06.07 - Nickelsdorf, AT, Novarock.
  9. I love how North America get a full PROPER tour and Europe not. They skipped EU in 2012 too. Yeah i know "Short European promo Tour"... When they decided to play for example in Austria the setlist was short as fuck!
  10. No. Don't call it "short European promo tour" please! It's not a tour it's ridiculous!
  11. LP should do a PROPER European tour :angry: :angry: 9 dates ohhh my god bullshit.
  12. Brace yourself German shows are coming. FUCK Germany! What about Hungary? lol
  13. Did you check the Westminster show? Is it different angle?
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