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  1. Now THATS intresting... I'm surpirsed no one spotted this one before.
  2. Questions we need to know the answer too but probably won't... 1) will they EVER release the making of THP? Be it on YouTube or a deluxe edition of the album down the line? 2) will we EVER see any more of THP performed live? 3) will they reschedual their North American tour later this year? 4) Pictureboard? In all seriousness I don't care about PB anymore. I just want to know what's up with the first 3 things. Even if he's brutally honest, and says "oh THP making of can't be released due to legal reasons and the new songs don't sound that great live." I mean that'll suck big time, but I'd except that and move on
  3. But you can't buy the HT and Meterora instrumentals so......
  4. NMS cause it was always killer live. Heavy song, uptempo headbanger. Has a bit of screaming but nowhere near as hard on Chester's voice like Given up is. I'm really surprised they dropped it to begin with.
  5. But Mike sings more in ALITS though ? Abeit in a lower key of course.
  6. ALITS has to be played at some point in their career. It'll be tough to pull off regardless, but it would be majestic if they nailed it. Potentially the best song LP could play live. Or the most disapointing... Hopefully not the latter! Also, they really need to drop LITE already, theres really no point playing it now. BID, New Divide, and Papercut JUST ABOUT work shortened but LITE barely exsists, just drop it and extend papercut. Done! Perfect set!
  7. PM if yah need another scan of the London N1 date. I'm not near a scanner at the mo but could get one done on the weekend .
  8. Yup, sure is. Don't link them whatever yo do or your threads or posts will get deleted, so be careful of what you say bout em!
  9. 1996_LP

    LPU XIV Is Here!

    Well said Hahninator. Though I'm surprised you like the stick n move and by myself demos from LPU9. Those ones I tend to skip a fair bit! Anyway, People need to realise that LP aren't a conventional band. They don't have 90 full length finished demos liying about. Most of the demos they have left are pretty much like the 10 songs we have here. The juciy ones have either already been realeased or being saved for future LPU albums. Look at it this way guys. If we heard the Rhinocerious demo in an LPTV episode from 2006 we'd be requesting it constantly like we are with that "Pride" demo or "Grecian". LPU XIV is a really interesting album. It's so cool to hear some many heavy demos for once. I'd take XIV over LPU 3.0, 5.0 and 7 any day.
  10. I feel that it suffers from the same problems Living things does. It sounds too polished, too over produced. Everyone was expecting OOA to have this hard grit and rawness to it before it came out as it was inspired by many classic rock albums of the 80s and 90s. Instead the guys from Julien K tinkerd with it a bit too much with their electronics and synths and drowned out some of the hard rock edge this album orginally intended to have. Don't get me wrong, I love the album more than most, but I guarantee if Chester had done this route DBS would have gone down with the fan base even better than it did in the end .
  11. Awesome. I always wondered what they were.
  12. Yeah technically if they want to remaster and release the reminding HT demos, all they have left are: Crawling, By Myself, Carousel, Part of me. (And obviously any other HT demos like Slip/Blue/so far away that we don't know about). I'm betting we get at least one more HT demo on each release until they run out. But Of course they could do MMM...COOKIES II and troll us all
  13. Wait, is that chlöe Grace Moretz!? (between mike and Chester obvs )
  14. Ah man. I really don't know what to think about this. Who's in the wrong here? It sounds like both sides are pointing to the finger to each other. I mean at first that letter made me feel very simpithetic with the manager. But after reading Ryan's comments I'm more on the fence again. But the whole "refunding" thing pisses me off. Ryan didn't even mention that. I'm so glad I never preordered anything cause who knows if we'd every get our money back. And also what the hell is the big deal in releasing live tracks anyway? Even if they've postponed it until after LA Noir that's better than what they're doing now. That's my 2 cents
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