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  1. Then its settled...Wizard song for Meteora's 20th! 😏
  2. To be fair (and forgive me if I'm wrong) if you listen closely to that clip from the making of, Chester is singing over something. Obviously the "Wizard song" itself is just Chester messing around. But there is a distinct instrumental playing in the background that hes singing over (and maybe another vocal track?) Who knows what that was. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Meteora demo akin to the ones released on LPU.
  3. I agree. Those songs you mentioned, plus Blackbirds, Pretend to be, and even songs like Dedicated just sound like b-sides due to their production being almost equal to the albums they originated from.
  4. Terrific breakdown guys. I managed to grab my preorder for £120 + free shipping on Amazon prime. Which I think is an absolute steal. Fantastic bargain.
  5. I wonder if this Rhinestone is the Zomba music/Crow version that leaked this year?
  6. You know what, apart from Part of me & Fuse, I think they covered everything. Though I wonder if the reason Fuse isn't on there is because they never recorded another version after the Xero tape. Its quiet possible they ditched it early on. 🤔
  7. Oh wow I'm clearly blind! Excellent! Such a shame about POM i wonder why it was omitted. Surely not for space? Otherwise I'd have cut Sad & oh No for sure!
  8. Not to nicpick this magnificent release, but the only "umastered" HT demo missing is Part of me (from the 8 Track demo). Goddamit. Carousel is on there. But Part of me isn't! We we're this close! This close to having all the classic HT demos released officially! Then again, Coal & Pods aren't either, yet Grr & Hurry are. Curious.
  9. Same man. I always loved that little interlude. The bass, guitar and drums were a tight arrangement, I was so surprised than band didnt do much with it.
  10. I had to return from my slumber to say what magnificent way to celebrate 20 years of this iconic Album. This past week, reading the updates on Lplive reminded me of old times. The hype and speculation was real. It was almost as if Chester were still with us. Anyway, I've pre-orderd the super deluxe on Amazon UK. This was my fear as well! I sure hope we're not being duped! Ha!
  11. Now THATS intresting... I'm surpirsed no one spotted this one before.
  12. Questions we need to know the answer too but probably won't... 1) will they EVER release the making of THP? Be it on YouTube or a deluxe edition of the album down the line? 2) will we EVER see any more of THP performed live? 3) will they reschedual their North American tour later this year? 4) Pictureboard? In all seriousness I don't care about PB anymore. I just want to know what's up with the first 3 things. Even if he's brutally honest, and says "oh THP making of can't be released due to legal reasons and the new songs don't sound that great live." I mean that'll suck big time, but I'd except that and move on
  13. But you can't buy the HT and Meterora instrumentals so......
  14. NMS cause it was always killer live. Heavy song, uptempo headbanger. Has a bit of screaming but nowhere near as hard on Chester's voice like Given up is. I'm really surprised they dropped it to begin with.
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