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Rebellion Official Lyrics Video

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God damn. Easily my favorite of the three I've listened to.


EDIT: Decided to listen to Wastelands, but Rebellion is still my favorite. It goes Rebellion > UIG > Wastelands > GATS

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great song, sound really like System of a Down ;) I wonder how many more songs they will release before the album will be out.


would be nice if they add this song now to the setlist :) but i guess this will not happen before they are in the US this summer, or they proof me wrong

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Oh shit that was intense! I didn't recognize Mike's vocals until the second line, hope he has some more singing like that on the rest. The guitars sounded a lot like SOAD (given) but there wasn't any playing that was too complicated.


This would be easy enough for them to play live, but I immediately imagined Chester playing a third guitar for when Mike or Joe do the synth part. From Brad's playing on In Pieces and his new soloing on WID, this shouldn't really be a challenge for him.


Lyrics were really good for the first part but I didn't care for the rest. Something just sounds weird when I hear "we are the X" im any songs. But based on other lyrics that I've seen, there is another song that has Mike talking about an ocean and a flood. Hopefully more lyrics will be connected.


I'm also interested in hearing about how Brad and Phoenix were involved in this song's recording since Daron did the guitar and bass. This is why we need a full documentary!

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I don't get why they're releasing so many songs right now. Ruining the experience from the first listen of The Hunting Party IMO

Might as well. In this day & age the band/label is getting ahead of any leaks by releasing the tracks themselves



Love Rebellion. The flow, lyrics, melody, everything. Just fantastic!

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Probably my favorite out of the 4 we've heard so far. Daron's playing is very good in this song and you can definitely feel a System and Armenian influence here in the music, it's very noticeable. I like Mike's vocals in this song for once. Chester with that bridge... omg. This is what I have been waiting for and I am fully satisfied. I just wanted to hear some REAL screaming from Chester and I got it. I am even more pumped now for other songs that are heavy, as well as the slow songs. A guy on LPU has heard Final Masquerade and he said it is a bit slow and melodic, similar to MTM. I am pumped for those songs as well.

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