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  1. Well that was... expected. Looking like APFMH & POA tomorrow
  2. I'm will to bet money that Mike will fill the space up with a Fort Minor set. I haven't seen much of this tour, but it's pretty much unanimous that Chester's voice just couldn't take the abuse. With all the new & random FM shirts Mike has been wearing on tour I think he should gonna surprise the fans with a mini set. Hell, he could do that the 2nd night, and maybe the first night they'll extend set a couple of songs. I don't see them doing anything crazy or that shocking
  3. I tried to stay optimistic as LP slowly rolled out what seemed like the entire album, song by song, leading up to today. Given how much LP has truly shaped me musically and as a person, and how much I've loved EVERY album they've released so far, I was secretly holding out hope that the entire album listening experience would magically alture my opinion for the better. Sadly, it's just not happening. As I'm writing this, I'm just starting my 3rd full run through of the album, and my initial opinions of the potential for the album that we're based off of the songs released prior today are s
  4. Well, considering the quality of the songs, are we even sure we want 13-14 tracks? Let alone 20? Haha
  5. Invisible, like I've stated with every song officially released so far, is just weak. Lyrics are cheesy & cliche. The music just feels empty and lacks that "umph" that they usually have. The overall rhythm & melody just sounds like any generic pop structured song that you can find anywhere. Only bright spot is Mike's singing, which I always enjoy. I'm all for the band broadening their musical horizons, but damn at least do something original. This particular style may be new to them, but it's by no means genre breaking. Whether it's the co-writers, producers or the band just misfiring,
  6. Horrible. Just painful swift. Where to even begin... First off, the song is very boring. I'd compare it to In Between (sadly) for being a song that just starts and goes no where. Kiiara actually sounds great, but it feels like she takes over through the choruses and I just don't like it. I can handle when the band lays back on the heavy guitars and drums, cause some of their best songs have done that. This, unfortunately, just isn't one of them. This is purely a pop song, both on structure and all around cheesiness. I'm the last person to discourage LP exploring new sounds & boundaries, es
  7. They'll more than likely post videos of the one where they collated with the featured artists on the album. All For Nothinf, Guilty All The Same, Rebellion, Drawbar and such
  8. What's sad is the ballad medley got more reaction from the crowd than any of their newer songs. Lack of radio air play for heavier songs is really hurting them
  9. I meant bring either of them down from the main set into the encore. Not drop them completely. That would be a crime in itself. And yes, drop Given Up. It's had it's time and it just doesn't live up to its quality live anymore
  10. In my opinion, they should just make a few changes, including th shortened songs. They should just drop Given Up, and New Divide, even if they're just portions. Chester can't do them justice live anymore, and they're just played out. And play the original Castle of Glass, which is WAY better than the RECHARGED version. If there's any songs that should be shortened, keep Burn It Down for that. Song is terrible live from all angles and it would put way less stress on Chester. And to make things interesting, instead of a Solo Medley for Joe, make it one big band jam, throwing a bunch of different
  11. Can't believe this means Camden is getting Set A on Friday. I don't think I've ever been bummed about going to an LP show before. This sucks
  12. Anyone else wondering why With You was played in full, AND a portion of it with Until It's Gone?
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't believe that 30 Seconds To Mars have been putting on a good show?
  14. If this is the set we'll see in Camden, it'll go down as the worst show I've ever seen from them, and that's disappointing. Chester and Mike could sound perfect but the sheer laziness, lack of creativity and clear punch to fans' faces completely outweighs thag slim possibility .
  15. Pretty lame set, if you ask me. Portions of songs have to stop. And ballad medley? Only reason I see that sticking around is to give the band a breather at the midpoint of the set.