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2011 DSP's Posted! Festivals!


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The Linkin Park DSP (Digital Souvenir Package) website has now been updated with shows from the band's summer tour this year in the US and Europe! DSP's include the full audio recording of the Linkin Park set, recorded and professionally mixed by the fan-favorites Pooch and Dylan, and also come with pictures of the band and usually the setlist that night. The price for a single DSP is $9.99.


Check the DSP website for more information on the shows, to preorder them and to download them:



Shows DSPs are being offered for:

June 4 - Irvine, CA (KROQ Weenie Roast) [AVAILABLE as of June 22]

June 5 - Mountain View, CA (BFD) [AVAILABLE as of June 28]

June 11 - Nickelsdorf, Austria (NovaRock) [AVAILABLE as of June 22]

June 12 - Donington, UK (Download) [AVAILABLE as of June 26]

June 14 - Stockholm, Sweden [AVAILABLE as of June 26]

June 16 - Helsinki, Finland (Projekt Revolution) [AVAILABLE as of June 26]

June 18 - Leipzig, Germany (Projekt Revolution) [AVAILABLE as of June 28]

June 19 - Oberursel, Germany (Hessentag / Projekt Revolution) [AVAILABLE as of June 28]

June 21 - Hamburg, Germany (LPU Summit #4) [AVAILABLE as of June 30]

June 25 - Munich, Germany (Projekt Revolution) [AVAILABLE as of July 8]

June 26 - Imola, Italy (Sonisphere Italy) [AVAILABLE as of July 8]

June 28 - Arendal, Norway (Hove) [AVAILABLE as of July 8]

June 30 - Werchter, Belgium (Rock Werchter) [AVAILABLE as of July 9]

July 1 - Arras, France (Main Square Festival) [AVAILABLE as of July 9]

July 2 - St. Gallen, Switzerland (OpenAir St. Gallen) [AVAILABLE as of July 11]

July 4 - London, England (iTunes Festival)


This means that this is the FIRST year that festival shows are being offered. In previous years (2007-current), festival performances have generally not been sold by the band due to promoters restricting the use of the band's audio unless the band pays more money to sell it themselves. It seems like that period in LP history is over as ALL FESTIVALS are being sold this year! The only show not being sold as a DSP is Moscow, Russia, which is a special show for the debut of Transformers 3, which is understandable.


I'd like everyone to collectively say THANKS to Linkin Park for doing this! This is a huge step forward for the fans and is VERY appreciated! Personally, I was hoping LP would do this for years, so this comes as great news!


Find the full 2011 tour schedule here.


What do you guys think about this?




The DSP download site has recently removed the July 4 show in London at the iTunes Festival, so no DSP will be available for that show.


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Hell yeah this is great. I thought this year they'd do maybe Irvine, Mountain View, Stockholm and Hamburg and that'd be it. This is really cool.


Maybe someday they'll open up and put all of the summer 2008 shows up from Europe since they were all recorded and mixed, and 2009 as well.


Huge step forward for LP. I can't wait to hear the crowds and performances. Too bad there's no Rock am Ring this year.

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Well, Moscow isn't included, is it?


Pretty awesome they'll be releasing the Festival shows as well. They're always great :)

Yeah but I wouldn't expect a lot from that show. 9/10 they only play 4-5 songs and they always pop up online sooner or later.

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This July, the iTunes Festival returns to London, England. Featuring 31 consecutive nights of incredible live music in one of the UK’s best venues, this is the hottest ticket in town. The lineup includes Coldplay, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Paul Simon, Bruno Mars, Adele, My Chemical Romance, Duran Duran, Lang Lang and Moby — to name just a few of the great shows you can watch live on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


Download the official app now to explore the lineup in more detail and watch the shows LIVE or on demand for a limited period from wherever you are in the world. You can even invite your friends to watch on the big screen with AirPlay support for streaming the gigs to your Apple TV.




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