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  1. Nice to hear that you like it - thanks a lot and don't worry, more stuff will come. We have enough ideas B )
  2. yeah awesome, can't wait to hear it
  3. I know that story - Dika told it me too... Did he not even get a business card or something like that ? Mike was very interessted at Dika's art
  4. I knew that this would happen That was the reason why SpikeMinoda and I came up with the idea of (creating) the flag
  5. Yeah nice You will see me Oberursel and Hamburg... but I don't know whether I have enough time for the M&G after the Oberursel show - I'll see it But Hamburg 100%
  6. I sent Adam an E-Mail and changed the Rules - contest is open for everyone ! Adam: We're updating the rules. The contest is now open to EVERYONE! Get the word out, please!
  7. Hope "Announcement of the 4th LPU Summit"
  8. ah finally it's online - Sam is a great guy and it was nice to meet him at every show. Can't wait for the next time ^^
  9. Thanks so far that you all like the designs... glad to hear it
  10. oh doomsday is near, because there is no information about the shirts
  11. We can also print it but if you want pay for a shirt like 30$ or more... ok you can have it So people just wait...
  12. You are right... but the problem is we need a very easy design because to have no problems to print it. The Second thing: No complicated stuff/graphics - if its too complicated to print it, the price for the shirt is to high. Yes I can make really badass shirt like the LPLive Posters but what if we don't have the option to print it or the costs for it are too high :/ its not easy... I think we have some good shirts for you and if you don't like them - we can still create new ones and trust me... the Member Shirts have more details/graphics on it as the Staff Shirts.
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