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  1. Hell yeah i will be there if seattle does not get a show its been like 5 years since lp has in washington state which to damn long.
  2. Well Tacoma is not seattle but since we have not had a show since 2007 hell yeah looking forward to it.
  3. A new LP album every 18 months would be awesome but the fact that they tour less then a half of what they used to is big let down.
  4. well the Itunes show blows kroqs show out of the water, I really like the cover song is good shows the band in a new way yeah i would love to hear with you or figure 09 again one day hope it will come. Now i have read most of the posts today trying to get my itunes to stream the show which it never worked but all this talk about setlists is never ending the only way for everyone to be would be for them to play all the albums back to back right? which wont happen until the end of there career. I like ATS alot this album has really grown on me since sept after the catalyst came out. The 2 things that really bother me are number 1 Them Touring less and less in the US i am from seattle we have not had a show in the state of washington since PR07 in Auburn i just get over that they would fly for 20 hours over seas more often then a 9 hour bus ride or 4 hour flight from cali to seattle any ideas? cause i am out Number 2 The price raise for LPU which i was with from the 2nd year till now since i cant afford it in these times with everyone making less money and prices of everything going up well there goes my first ramble still an LP fan for life.
  5. ITV.com link wont work refreshed a couple times still get same message????
  6. just saw on youtube first video it was papercut going in lying from you
  7. Quick Question Does anyone know if any of the festival shows will be WEBCAST? i remember in the past watching a few with LP Rock am ring and Download anyone have any info thanks.
  8. Watching the webcast this one kicks ass compared to the last one with LP Rise Against is pretty bad ass them comes LP all the way from Seattle feels like i am right there.
  9. Come on we need a Seattle showwwwww.
  10. come on seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Seattle always seems to be left out of the winter tours i hope this time it will not be.
  12. Everyone listen close the DEMON can be your friend today.
  13. This Tour Rider is nouthing compared to the suck ass bands who have pages and pages of crazy stuff maybe if they take it down a notch there shows would compare to LP? mmm maybe not lol
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