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  1. @LP Mermaid - No, the iTunes stream was 100% NOT intentional. iTunes just fucked up there. Dear God, I love everything about this album. This is the first time I actually like EVERY song off a Linkin Park album. Good stuff.
  2. Not sure if any LPL members came to London today as part of the Scavenger Hunt, but if you did, it was awesome meeting you all! Meeting Zane Lowe was great too. LPA Admin Joe has the mp3 and he will be home in a few hours. We will have that HQ song download up asap on LPA for everyone. Joe did a long ass trip down to London today so it's understandable that it's taking him some time to get back home. Loving LIES GREED MISERY.
  3. Yeah, everyone listen to Jen. <3 Jen, can you tweet "follow @youbetterhearme" via LPL Twitter? Let's solve this shit ASAP!
  4. Thank you. People need to stop bitching and work together. Everyone follow @youbetterhearme on Twitter to unlock the next LP clue!
  5. 34 pages? Holy shit. Awesome show. Saw so many people in the audience that I recognised from the London LPU summit! I knew they would play Rolling In The Deep, it was kinda obvious with it being Adele's hometown and all. I don't usually like The Catalyst live but it sounded incredible today. Chester's screams were amazing throughout the entire show.
  6. This show will be available as a live EP from the iTunes store.
  7. Ah come on guys, it's not Mike's fault that people get their hopes up so high. He said there will be a surprise but just not as big as some people are predicting it to be. No big deal, just sit back and enjoy the damn show and quit moaning.
  8. I don't think he will say yes, this show will be filmed and streamed worldwide and I doubt LP would take the risk of pulling up a fan on stage for the show tomorrow. I think Mike also said no to people during some of the shows in North America too but I can't remember the reason why. I hope LP do a collab with Adele, London is her hometown after all. I doubt that will happen though.
  9. Awesome! I love this song, looking forward to the videos.
  10. Pictures from the Iridescent video shoot HERE
  11. It looks really cool so far. I can see some elements from the WFTE video in that clip too. Judging from the clip alone, I already like this video more than the BITS video haha. lulz.
  12. It's one entry per person. - Official Contest Rules
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