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  1. something came up that's why chester didn't do the lpu video chat today.but he will do it monday
  2. they are gonna start touring less and putting out albums first.so we should all be grateful that we will get a new lp album next year.
  3. just finish watching a killer Linkin Park concert at the itunes festival.they prove why they are my favorite band.i love you linkin park
  4. somebody please answer my question.do you have to download itunes to watch lp's show
  5. do you have to download itunes to watch the show
  6. mike's not gonna produce it byself because he tried that with reanimation and it was too much for mike to handle.so mike learned his lesson the hard way
  7. my fave 3 songs were blackout,iridescent and robot boy
  8. it's coming on vh1 at 11pm and it's part of vh1's friday night allright.it's this year show from moscow
  9. let me be crystal clear.i'm the one that took that picture.it's from this year and not from 2009.it's a error that comcast makes all the time.
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