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  1. LOL Milan and Pedova are almost 1 hour distance XD
  2. Hopefully we will get another one in Berlin Okay I've got my ticket for Köln but I want more Because Offenbach isn't to handle for me^^ Another week day and sometimes I have to go to my working place too looool
  3. Yeah and I didnt say that they should not headline whether Mike should. I know that he will play two shows on one day and he has to play earlier to do that, but that is not a reason not to play on the headline stage. I went to 30 STM last week and maybe I will see them again at Rock im Park in 3 weeks, but the show last week was one of worst ever of the main act which concert I attended! It was the fourth time 30STM and I know that Leto is Leto and he wont sing every lyrics but it was crap! He should only do movies.... At least I got the ticket over FB for 25 euros and not 70 euros what
  4. I think the guys from Kroq kicked him to the second stage because they added 30STM to the line up
  5. After the song finished Chester talked about boobs :') I don't know if he saw some of them in the crowd or he only started to talk about it, but it was funny and that was also a part of Chester Crazy stories and seriously topics. I will wait til Christmas to listen to that CD because it will be one of my gifts that I will get^^
  6. It was an honour to experience the show last June in Berlin! I saw them many times and that show is one of my favorites of all shows I ever attended! Thank you, LP! <3 Hopefully that live album isn't the last CD as a best-off of the band!
  7. I agree totally fo your opinion, Mark! Amen!! The loss of a loved person is the most oppressive situation you could ever be in. Time can heal but the pain will never be away completely. You have to learn to live with that tragedy for your own future and so the life will go on and you learn to laugh again. I think they will take their time. Maybe 1 or 2 years... we will see. I hope that they will continue as band. They hold their backs together and get strong... for Chester, for themselves and for their LPU family
  8. Very emotional post of you, Dylan! I've got a shiver from the beginning to the end of this post! And my hands shake a little bit... I know how it feels when you lost an important person in your life and it is not the same like losing a family member BUT it is also so emotional and such a tragedy like your father or mother or brother died. 15 years with Chester, his music, his laughing and his crazy ideas..... He always will be in my heart !!
  9. Yeah! Many fans like that Hiphop influence like they did songs in the past. Something like Prophets of Rage do in the middle of their set B ) Step Up/ Petrified / It's going down/ Believe Me / Lying from you/ Dirt off your shoulders B )
  10. They should! After seeing those ticket prices
  11. I think they will add only all rotation songs to the setlist and that's it. 110 minutes in Berlin plus 4 or 5 songs and we have 130 minutes plus the "normal being late LP-time" (~10 minutes) and maybe they will talk a little bit more. Everybody is more than happy
  12. Hopefully there is not such a rain like here in Berlin!! 10 hours of rain without pause now But I except the 22 song setlist without encore
  13. Now over 4 months we know that LP will play in Tokyo but nothing about other dates ?!? o.O That is mysterious!
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