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04.06.2011 - Irvine, CA - KROQ Weenie Roast

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It's that time again - time for the first preshow post of the next tour!


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The webcast can be found HERE.

EDIT: Join our LPLive.net live chat on Skype for the webcast! Add user "swimminginsmoke" and you'll get invited to the chat. Come and have some fun!

Linkin Park kicks off their summer tour with two shows in their home state of California, with the first coming on the 4th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California for the famous KROQ Weenie Roast! The band last played the KROQ Weenie Roast in May of 2007 (show page here) for their last "promo/warmup" show for Minutes To Midnight before they embarked on their first European Tour for the album. That was their only appearance at the festival, so this is round two! The 2007 show was where Mike presented his pink Hello Kitty guitar on 'From The Inside' and Chester joked around about him having a "mighty pink pussy" on his hands. This is one of my favorite performances of this song because the band looks totally exhausted from the heat already at that point in the set but they still rock really hard on it.



Mike still has the guitar, as you can see in the background of this video. But anyway enough about Hello Kitty and its appearance on instruments!


This is probably the millionth show in the LA-area for LP...we're not even going to begin to count (if anyone wants to, feel free) but we do know that the last time came at the Staples Center in Los Angeles a few months ago (show page here). If you follow all of the shows and get every DSP like I do, check out the LA one. The crowd is so loud that that alone makes the show awesome.


The good thing about this show is that it will be WEBCASTED. Find all of that information here. Linkin Park hits the stage at 9:30pm PST, so be sure to get your audio/video recording programs set because we sure don't want to miss the first show of the summer! We still have no word on a DSP for this show. What's interesting to note is that the Epicenter 2009 show DSP was not announced until after the DOORS had opened for that show, so a DSP is still possible for this one. A bunch of other awesome bands are playing this show so tune in early to catch them.


Who's going to the show? M&G for anyone for the first show? Also we'd like to give a shoutout to Adam for getting the M&Gs set in stone for these two California shows. Thanks!


Setlist predictions? Do you guys want to see something different open? Or do you want to see 'Faint' and 'New Divide' opening this summer like the band had in North America? Do you think they'll bring back anything different? Any random songs coming back in like 'Reading My Eyes' in 2006/2008?



01. The Requiem

02. Papercut

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. Empty Spaces

07. When They Come For Me

08. No More Sorrow

09. Jornada Del Muerto

10. Waiting For The End

11. Numb

12. The Radiance (Live Version)

13. Breaking The Habit (no a capella outro for the first time in 2011)

14. The Catalyst (no Fallout intro)

15. Crawling

16. Faint

17. One Step Closer


18. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

19. Iridescent

20. New Divide

21. In The End

22. Bleed It Out (A Place For My Head bridge) (Only the second time this year, Phoenix being the first, that Chester sang the "You will never get the best of me" line on the bridge)



- The band played an abbreviated setlist due to the Foo Fighters playing an impromtu hour-long set beforehand, pushing LP back 30 minutes. 'Burning In The Skies' was dropped from before 'Numb', 'Fallout' was dropped from before 'The Catalyst', and 'Shadow Of The Day' was dropped from before 'New Divide'.

- First time 'Breaking The Habit' hasn't had the a cappella outro in 2011.


Thoughts on the show?

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Def a big TY to Adam for getting the M&G setup. I just can't wait to get a lanyard. Still debating which item I'm going to get signed. Probably leaning toward the ATS vinyl but I've got 10 other things in mind. Hopefully they mix up the setlist since it is probably the last 2 shows in the states for '11. Better get Blackout on the West Coast! The webcasts usually rock!

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IM GOING IM GOIIINNNGGGG. 10th row, fuck yes. I can be the setlist bitch if you guys want, since I have seats I can relax and chill out for once. Im going early to get wall for the earlier bands since there are two stages.


LP and Rise Against? Dream show. CANT WAIT! Also, excited cause this is where PR08 was. The best show I have been to :D.


EDIT: Theres a webcast so I dont need to be the setlist bitch. :)

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Everybody can see it on the webcast right? Not only US? I don't wanna stay awake till 6:30 AM for not seeing it :D


About the setlist of course everybody (i guess) wishes some older / other stuffs as always. But since it's their first performance i guess they will play something familiar to the last tour and bring some new setlists to europe.

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I'll be there. Duh.

You don't have to lie to be cool, Adam....lol j/k.


I'm excited to see where this goes. I'm thinking they will stick to a similar set we have already seen. Maybe the return of POA or SIB but nothing major. ;) I guess we'll see.

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Thanks for the higher res image - I fixed the link to include that one.


Anybody got a song request for Brad in the M&G?

Ask him if he'll do a short guitar intro to Numb. Jonas and I asked him to do A.06 in 2009 and he said maybe he'd do it someday but not today, lol. Song requests never work. Ask him to do something simple like do a little guitar intro before Numb starts, tell him to spice it up or something :) After all, Brad was the one that started the idea for the NMS intros in 2007.


Ask Mike for some Reading My Eyes over Bleed It Out, because RME is badass :P If you request a verse to Mike, he'll actually do it....

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I will be there, as I am the real Mike Shinoda. Also, if anyone asks about a new album, we'll be delaying it until 2050.


Also Pez, what time is the broadcast going to be in AEST?

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