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  1. Where Can I Get The Blackout remix?! The End Was Just Beautiful. can somone edit only that and upload it somwhere?!
  2. Chester just came To Sing The Messenger!!!!!!@#!@3
  3. They Just Have To do Acoustic Version Of BITS And WFTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i didnt get the email..i collected all the 6 c ard but not the email..and i cant do it again because i have allready did "Like" on each card... i need that show!
  5. can somone help?!?!?! why they dont send the email?..............................
  6. Well I Collected All of The Cards but there is no email link sent to me.. can someone help?
  7. is this only frmo USA? can mike call anyone That's On LPU?
  8. guys. the scream in the end of one step closer was amazing. it's like new scream from chester. holy shit
  9. why dont you answer?! somone is recording it?! please?!
  10. Please Tell me somone is recording it and will upload this!!!!!!!!11 i didnt watch to show because the black screen shit i have to see!!
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