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  1. No way! I work with Mike here at WBR. Had no idea. I'll have to ask him about this!
  2. I'm obsessed with this. I love this so fucking much. Dammit I wish I would have come up with it. I just emailed it to my entire department at WBR and said "Linkin Park fans are smarter than us." Truth.
  3. I can promise you that WB has nothing to do with it. Lol
  4. Also I fucked up. it's 7:30 BST, not 7:30 GMT. I didn't know London switched timezones. Oops. 7:30 BST / 6:30 GMT.
  5. We were going to announce it this morning right around that time anyway. They didn't force us to announce it any earlier. Just wanted to make sure Zane got the love, not them, since it's his premiere!
  6. LPL... getting Adam in trouble since 2008. Thanks for letting the world know that I apparently have no idea how to use tweet deck.
  7. Glad you're enjoying! And it's GalesburG, not GalesburN.
  8. http://heydudeimadam.com Excuse the mess. I'm in the middle of redesigning it.
  9. You mean like the LPU CD we've put out for the last 3 years?
  10. Shameless plug to follow me on twitter and instagram (both @heydudeimadam) as I'll post lots of stuff from those, as well as all of the LP accounts. Going to try to keep the big blog updates and posts for LPU to give members some cool exclusive content.
  11. https://twitter.com/#!/m_shinoda/status...961728860893184
  12. The CD being included is something we can't really do anymore at this time. It has nothing to do with us/the band wanting to make more money off you guys or anything like that. It's just something that, for the time being, is out of our hands and out of our control. However, we're doing our very best this year to get around that in a way. It's not perfect, but it's better than last year. You'll see what I mean when we launch... All I can say now is that we listened to you guys in a lot of areas. If you don't think LPU11 is a major upgrade from LPUX, then I give up trying to make you happ
  13. Ignore the shipping date on the email. They're shipping the packages by size for some reason. Larges and mediums are on the way out, other sizes will follow. Thanks everyone for being patient. The shirt is easily my favorite LPU shirt to date.