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  1. Ok R.I.P my LP school project xD
  2. Any thing New about releasing the song?
  3. Pictureboard but its possible maybe something like esual with mark wakefield On the vocals Its just an idea
  4. Man i SWEAR to god im not gonna need anything else after listening to it 😂 and thanks for your work!
  5. That means we are not gonna listen to it this year and maybe the next one too?
  6. For sure they are not gonna re-recorded only one song maybe they re-recorded another songs like pictureboard or something like that
  7. I hope we hear em soon as possible
  8. I hope that birdy deliver it fast
  9. Sooo how long gonna that take for uploading the song IM HYPED AS F*CK
  10. Im ALWAYZ ready mate if we have a chance to Get the full version
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