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  1. Rock Werchter is very likely announcing a 2nd headliner tomorrow at 4pm. Also VOLT is pretty close to Werchter in date...
  2. I wasn't there last year but I read that the tickets were €175 (combi with 5 days camping included) and €85 (1 day), no extra reservation fee (+/- €5) included in these prices though. For my first reaction you should have gone to my Twitter account ha. You should have seen me from an hour before the announcement (I was actually planning to attend the PKP announcement event but cancelled plans last minute): full of stress with several sites open at once (Twitter, FB, Festileaks forum, PKP.be, PKP 'livestream', LP.com) and the radio (Studio Brussel, also made the announcement around the same time) on in the background. And then notifications kept pouring in all over my social media, while I was still trying to tweet and RT people's reactions with the LPBE account. Crazy... Although I'm still in shock. Despite all the official announcements, I still refuse to believe that they are coming back to Belgium... It's too unreal. Impossible to describe how happy I am... I'm so glad, not only for myself (I mean I'll travel anywhere during EU tours to see them anyway), but all the Belgian fans that were waiting and begging for this to happen (some of them have travelled during EU tours as well). Pukkelpop wasn't lying with their description about LP (http://www.pukkelpop.be/nl/bands/linkin-park/) . A 4 year gap is already way better than 10 years, so I hope to see them here more often from now on (I'm very hopeful about the band playing more locations they haven't done before or not very often, this tour is looking great so far).
  3. Fingers crossed!!! Please LP, don't skip Belgium this time...
  4. So PKP (20-22) will only be possible if they don't play Lowlands (21-23) the day after, since that would be the 3rd day in a row. We'll see. Hoping for the best...
  5. Pfft I'll probably go to Germany AGAIN, also France probably, I've only done 1 show there). But I'm not shutting up about Belgium until all dates are announced.
  6. Damn that sucks! A lot harder for them to fly to Belgium after Austria that way. I had no idea Chemical Brothers could headline these festivals, at least not here (at Werchter 2011 they played after LP headlined as a late night dance act around 2am. They couldn't have gotten that much bigger now. Same for Prodigy, I remember them playing Pinkpop 2012 pretty early in the day at a totally different, smaller stage... Or some festivals ran out of money this year and have to do it with mainly smaller headliners. Still hoping for the best, but if LP is on the 21st I'd never see them fly to Belgium on 22nd to play Pukkelpop the same day... Them headlining Frequency on the 22nd after Pukkelpop on 20/21-08 seems unlikely as well, since they can't play Lowlands afterwards in that case... And I don't see LP picking BE over NL, moneywise lol. My prediction: LP playing Austria then flying to the Netherlands and skipping Belgium as they're used to. Positive side (in which maybe makes Pukkelpop still possible) is that there is no possibility for PKP to book Chemical Brothers so they might try harder for LP since there's an act less to book as headliner (if Chemical Brothers indeed are headline material now)... I don't know, it's a 30th anniversary for this festival and I don't think they would want to fill this year's headline spots with the boring, remaining acts that are touring around August that we see in Belgium every year... LP would be special. They barely ever come to Belgium, never played Pukkelpop before, and LP is highly requested here as well -seeing the wishlists and begging on social media (and it's not just me haha)- and PKP organization knows it. So they might really try this time. --- Also Lowlands has a lot of names out already as well, not sure if headline spots are filled though, site is very unclear about who's headlining or playing which stage. If Lowlands has little room left for much more headliners it might be easier for LP to go from Austria to Belgium and take their day(s) off after PKP. They did NL last November so maaaybe a reason to choose BE this time... Pffft, I don't know what to think... Sorry to annoy you guys with this Belgium stuff (I'm always like this when LP is announcing dates). We need these tour date announcements to be over soon so I can chill again.
  7. It's about time Pukkelpop announces their lineup already. Booking guy said "Early March", well it is early March, and almost mid-March now. They haven't even given away any teasers about their lineup yet, pfft... LP must be really hard to impossible to book here in Belgium. Today PKP keeps telling people to be patient on Twitter. If we have to wait another week, I'm gonna break stuff...
  8. Still, would be nice if Czech got a show too this time. There are a lot of countries which LP almost never plays in. Whenever they see a rare opportunity to go back to these countries they should do it. Not only go to the same countries, and assume the other people will travel to those countries once again. They can't do this every tour...
  9. Spain has been ages as well (2010), would be nice too! Fingers crossed for you guys!
  10. Thanks PeppePark! Looks like a great 'scedule' They could easily do Lowlands (21-23/08) the day after Pukkelpop (20-22/08) since those festivals are close enough to each other - and FM did the same in 2005 - (two birds with one stone). If not Lowlands I wouldn't be completely pissed (they did Amsterdam in November), as long as they don't skip Belgium this time, they always seem to forget us lol. Looking forward to see the other dates as well (I'll always try to attend France, UK, Germany too). BTW, I think Norway also has a festival somewhere between 15-19/08. Would be cool if they went there too. They haven't seen LP that much over there so far either.
  11. Perfect scenario: ... 20 - Frequency (festival), AT 21 - (Day off) 22 - Pukkelpop (festival), BE 23 - Lowlands (festival), NL 24 - (Day off) 25 - Rybnik, PL ... (Belgium & Netherlands are really close so no problem being 2 days in a row, but the flight from Austria to Belgium might be good for them to use as their day off. That's why I'm hoping Frequency will end up on the 20th)
  12. I hope this Poland rumor is true => Better chance for Belgium on the 22nd...
  13. Thanks Anything in Belgium is fine by me.
  14. About the dates in August... (Apologizing in advance for the "come to my country" rant again) If they announce Krakow Festival they should give Belgium a headline show, if the Polish date is a headline show then they can give us Pukkelpop (on the 22nd or something). I hope somehow to get a tour date in Belgium this year... I don't care if it's a festival or a headline date. They can't skip us once again... Or even worse, wait until 2021 to come back (like they left the 10 year gap between 2001 and 2011)... LP is very much requested here. (Like for all of the major festivals they're scoring as one of the highest in the wishlists each year). Then every year, Warner, or any other official source, gives us major hopes by telling us they are planning a show in Belgium, which later always ends up in disappointment with every tour date announcement. C'mon LP...
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