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  1. I remember reading somewhere that the Australian promoters were trying to get LP to tour in 2018.
  2. Yes Mike definitely needs to come back to Australia sometime soon. The Living Things tour was the last time LP was here so it has felt like ages.
  3. Really loving the speeches Mike has been doing during the In The End intros. Super emotional, gets me every time but it adds a nice touch to the show.
  4. So did Mike actually state in a interview that he wanted to tour Australia? Because from listening to the latest Member Guest podcast he didn't sound very impressed with the whole bot voting situation. He probably thinks we're a bunch of dishonest losers not that I blame him.
  5. I really hope so. I was confident LP will be back eventually one day, but just based on recent interviews with Mike things don't seem so certain anymore. Hope I'm wrong though.
  6. The story Mike shared at the start about Chester was funny.
  7. I know right, I thought that was pretty funny. Different name but its still Mike behind he music.
  8. Everything you've said in your post is exactly how I'm feeling. I had mixed emotions about Mike releasing new music,there were so many thoughts going through my head some that you had mentioned in your post-music with no Chester,the future of Linkin Park. But I'm grateful Mike has shared with all of us his emotions and feelings through his music.
  9. So happy Mike is releasing new music but does this mean the end of LP? I hope not.
  10. As some people have mentioned would of preferred James Corden hosting it but anyway it was still very funny. Watching the video has made me miss Chester even more, I didn't want the video to end.
  11. Haven't watched the video yet but I'm tearing up already just reading the comments here.
  12. It seems like fans are like pissed or something and care more about their ''favorite band'' not being a thing anymore than Chester's passing. It's just a band. There are tons of bands out there. Tons of music to listen to. Linkin Park had a good run. Appreciate the memories you have with Linkin Park and that you were able to be a part of it all. And I'm not saying that the band won't continue, they likely will. But on the off chance that they don't, could you blame them? Fans are really kind of being selfish about it. They don't owe you anything. They have put out seven fucking albums - tons o
  13. This warms my heart knowing that LP plan to continue on but also heartbreaking at the same time knowing that Chester will not be there.
  14. If LP ever do decide to release another album, I'm hoping its all the unreleased demos or any other tracks with Chester's vocals on them.