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  1. Thx for your help, but it didn't work with that. I guess Jats effort helped, cuz i was able to register an account after he did that
  2. Mhhhh, i guess i'm stupid. I try to register a new account and it says "please prove you are human by entering the letters from the image above", but it just shows me "an internal error occured" followed by some numbers and letters but no field to fill them in Someone knows what's wrong?
  3. ah come on SOTD is cool, i like to play that guitar solo ^^ and maaaaaaan that vocador on the catalyst is killing me
  4. hey did you see the older grey-haired guy in the audience singing BTH? cool to see LP's fan range is that big
  5. The live version of "the radiance" sounds sooooo beautiful
  6. "R" must be a bad letter, cuz motherfucke was okay for them maybe the cencorship is the surprise? mhhhh
  7. yeah it takes the power of the song chester screams his lungs out and all we hear is "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"
  8. The surprise is except for requiem they only play HT and Meteora songs today
  9. Were they ever in time? So that's the surprise huh? changing the songs order ^^
  10. is that really necessary now? when i joined itunes i just had to register an account but without billing stuffs, i just clicked "do that later" or something like that. but do you have a paypal or click and buy account? then you don't need a credit card.
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