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Rank your favorite OML tracks


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One More Light. Now that the shock has worn down it's safe to say that this album is already in my top 3 favorite Linkin Park albums (A Thousand Suns, Reanimation). Everything about this album seems genuine. When you think of it as a pop album you're already going to pull the "they sold out, they used current songwriters to keep up with trends and create music for WB" trigger, but that is not the case at all. The lyrics, the melodies, the raw emotion is something I haven't seen from this band in years.


For once the lyrics feel relatable. I don't listen to any of these songs and think the world is going to end or the system is corrupt, but I feel honesty coming from people who have experienced hardships in numerous ways whether it be leaving your family at home for lengths of time, battling self conflict and drug addictions, life lessons, and just trying to be a better person.


Sonically this album has a ton of cool layers that you really have to listen for, some that I didn't hear until my 5th or 6th playthrough. I don't think any song on here really sounds like a generic radio hit. That's just an easy cop out excuse to avoid giving this album credibility because it isn't "your style".


This album features only 1 rap verse from Mike, and no screaming at all from Chester. Instead he displays his beautiful vocal range through warm uplifting melodies done in ways we never heard before. This album in my opinion was even riskier than A Thousand Suns, not providing any comfort tracks to please the old crowd (Wretches).


01. Nobody Can Save Me (8/10)

02. Good Goodbye (5/10)

03. Talking To Myself (8/10)

04. Battle Symphony (9.5/10)

05. Invisible (8/10)

06. Heavy (8/10)

07. Sorry For Now (10/10)

08. Halfway Right (8.5/10)

09. One More Light (9/10)

10. Sharp Edges (7.75/10)

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Favorite to least favorite:


01. Sorry For Now 10/10

02. One More Light 10/10

03. Talking to Myself 8/10

04. Invisible 7/10

05. Good Goodbye 7/10

06. Halfway Right 6/10

07. Heavy 6/10

08. Nobody Can Save Me 5/10

09. Sharp Edges 5/10

10. Battle Symphony 4/10

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Well, thus far, I've managed to resist listening to One More Light. I have no plans to listen to it or any other songs that get released before May 19. I've heard the other 5 though that have been played/released so I will rank those:


1. Talking To Myself

2. Good Goodbye

3. Invincible (it's been growing on me lately and may overtake GG for the #2 spot)

4. Heavy

5. Battle Symphony


I'm guessing this order will probably change for me so this is just for now. I won't even bother giving numerical scores for these since I know the scores/ranking will change for me when I hear the studio versions of TTM and hear all the songs more and in the context of the album.

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My Favorite OML songs


1 One More Light (Made me cry as I was listening to it) 10/10


2 Talking To Myself 9.5/10


3 Invisible 9/10


4 Sharp Edges 8.5/10


T5 Good Goodbye 8/10


T5 Nobody Can Save Me 8/10


T5 Battle Symphony 8/10


8 Halfway Right 7/10


9 Sorry For Now 6.5/10


10 Heavy 4/10


Heavy, As I predicted, is the only song on the album that I dislike, SFN and Halfway Right, I like OK, The rest is just great! Album is short however


Total Score:


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1. One More Light (10/10)

2. Sorry For Now (10/10)

3. Nobody Can Save Me (10/10)

4. Halfway Right (10/10)

5. Invisible (10/10)

6. Talking To Myself (9.5/10)

7. Battle Symphony (9/10)

8. Sharp Edges (8/10)

9. Good Goodbye (6.5/10)

10. Heavy (6/10)


Honestly, album as a whole gets a 9-9.5/10 from me.

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  1. ​Sorry For Now - 11/10
  2. One More Light - 10/10
  3. Invisible - 10/10
  4. Talking To Myself - 9.5/10
  5. Nobody Can Save Me - 9/10
  6. Sharp Edges - 9/10
  7. Heavy - 9/10
  8. Battle Symphony - 9/10
  9. Good Goodbye - 8.5/10
  10. Halfway Right - 8.5/10

Full, thought out review coming tomorrow.

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My thoughts keep changing.... but Heavy is my favourite and Sorry for now is the worst.



1. Heavy

2. Talking to Myself

3. One More light

4. Sharp edges

5. Battle Symphony

6. Invisible

7. Good Goodbye

8. Nobody can save me

9. Halfway right.

10. Sorry for now

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1. One More Light

2. Invisible

3. Talking to Myself


For the moment, 4 through 8 are some undefined mix of Battle Symphony, Sorry for Now, Sharp Edges, Halfway Right, and Nobody Can Save Me


9. Heavy

10. Good Goodbye (swap Stormzy's verse out for Mike's alternate verse from the live version and it'd be above Heavy at least, but sorry, still not forgiving the use of "hoes" on an album track)

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So far, but it will probably change in the future...


1. One More Light

2. Sorry for Now

3. Halfway Right

4. Nobody Can Save Me

5. Invisible

6. Talking To Myself

7. Battle Symphony

8. Sharp Edges

9. Heavy

10. Good Goodbye


First three are asouletely awesome and actually I can't choose which one is better. I put "One More Light" on the first place because it hits me really hard, the emotions going around there are beautiful. So I think as the most emotional song on the record, it's the best, but "Sorry for Now", "Halfway Right" and even "Nobody Can Save Me" are really close. But I think that putting Heavy that low is unfair too, because I like this song so much. In my opinion the album is great and I like EVERY song on it so even "Good Goodbye" is a song that I will listen to a lot. Probably my favourite album right after "Living Things". :D

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This is tough to do so soon after hearing it for the first time but here it goes:


1. Invisible - 10/10

2. Halfway Right - 9/10

3. Sorry For Now - 9/10

4. Nobody Can Save Me - 9/10

5. Battle Symphony - 7/10

6. Talking To Myself - 7/10

7. One More Light - 7/10

8. Heavy - 7/10

9. Sharp Edges - 7/10

10. Good Goodbye - 6/10


Invisible is very much my favorite song from the album. Slots 2 through 4 are all very close together and could change. It's the same story for slots 5 through 9. Good Goodbye is definitely my least favorite. It's still a fun track but there's just not a lot of depth/replayability for me.

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01. Nobody Can Save Me 6/10

02. Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T and Stormzy) 3/10

03. Talking to Myself 9/10

04. Battle Symphony 7/10

05. Invisible 5/10

06. Heavy (feat. Kiiara) 5/10

07. Sorry for Now 6/10

08. Halfway Right 4/10

09. One More Light 10/10

10. Sharp Edges 6/10


I thought Recharged was even more poppier than this. There's a couple of songs that definitely sound and will sound better live (hopefully). I'm fine with some of the rest, OML is the highlight.

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01 Nobody Can Save Me 5/10

02 Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T and Stormzy) 2/10

03 Talking to Myself 8/10

04 Battle Symphony 5/10

05 Invisible 4/10

06 Heavy (feat. Kiiara) 5/10

07 Sorry for Now 7/10

08 Halfway Right 10/10

09 One More Light 10/10

10 Sharp Edges 6/10

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01. Sharp Edges 10/10
02. One More Light 09/10
03. Halfway Right 9/10
04. Sorry For Now 9/10
05. Nobody Can Save Me 8/10
06. Talking to Myself 8/10
07. Invisible 7/10
08. Good Goodbye 6/10
09. Battle Symphony 6/10
10. Heavy 5/10

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