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New Linkin Park Track: Asteroids


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A new instrumental track by Linkin Park called "Asteroids" has been released via StageLight, a music editing software that the band has used to edit their own music and have given fans the opportunity to make their own music with a vast majority of seeds through the Linkin Park Edition.


The song was released in a new Stagelight bundle, entitled the Linkin Park Bundle II. The songs released in the bundle are being labeled as new, so this means all of these were not released in the previous Linkin Park bundle.


Download the new track, "Asteroids" below. What do you think of the track? It has an epic atmospheric/adventurous tone to it!




Download StageLight trial edition here.

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Interesting, but for me it wasn't the best LP track ever. I don't consider it as good track to listen to, but I think it's a very good track to be played as a background (in a movie for example), it's pretty atmospheric though.


That was a total surprise, I'm glad LP keeps surprising us.

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COFFEE probably the demo name for "Keys to the Kingdom". The multitrack inside the folder is the intro sound of the KTTK.


Edit: My fav. will be SUSHI and Brazil. Someone should create a song based on that multitrack.

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There's much more, I think there are samples of Mark The Graves in the "GRAVE" folder, some Final Masquerade on the "FMA" folder, I think there's some samples from A Line In The Sand in "Ody" folder, samples from Rebellion on "REB" folder and The Summoning in "SUMM" folder, there are so much samples from THP there, nice!

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Wow, tons of awesome stuff. I hope someone can make a compilation video like they did in the video posted above. I don't want to download Stagelight but I would love to hear stuff like Animals.


EDIT: Asteroids sounds cool. Not a great song, but pretty cool. It's hard to guess what album cycle it's from. Sounds like maybe from ATS.


It's a mix with various sounds of the bundle.

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Does anyone have the samples mixed together?

Can anybody do the same as this guy did and join all the samples in one file for each song?



For the first time I want to be ''that guy'' I mixed them in 20 minutes or probably less, enjoy guys.


Everything in 320kbps

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