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  1. Matthias Harris, that this along with Mike turne PT america is a great singer that I like a lot for a future LP
  2. The band should promote a contest to elect the new vocalist, where the fans would choose the best.
  3. You have to find another vocalist who knows how to sing all the songs on the LP, preferably someone younger, it may seem strange but it will not be bad, Linkin Park was not just Chester, it was the 6 besides the big repertoire that the band has, band Are you sure of all audiences and new accounts, whatever you like. Time goes on !
  4. This was so difficult for me because it was like losing a relative is like a nightmare and not a real thing, I grew up listening to LP, the best band world, that made me well with their beautiful songs, lyrics and the energy that I had on stage, Chester the the best vocal in the world and it will always be in my heart that God will comfort the heart of the band members, the fans and their family, and that the band will not end and our lives have to continue overcoming our misdeeds and that we are strong
  5. With you and Living for you at the place Lost in the eco e Somewere Belong please Mike
  6. Listening 30 times to liking Heavy kkkk Kiiara help LP If it would not be disaster this music
  7. I never criticized the band, I always supported their sonic change, but this song, even when I listened 20 times and even the acoustic version I can not enjoy it, it was horrible, it has a beautiful lyrics and a good refrain, but they missed the final mix. Be a great song, have my deslike on youtube for the first time.
  8. Good , It's going to be a ballad song, and it's going to have a lot of critics: screams , guitar etc, has a foot print of What ive done and Lets Go, refrain will be catcher, disk will be called one ....
  9. No one recorded more videos of other songs? TV will have video?
  10. Numb and Mark Hoppus ? LOOOOOL GREATS Page Hamilton active and not All For Nothing ? FUCK Mike
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