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  1. I hope this is true. Never liked this thing with Chester and STP. Didn't even sound great.
  2. How come most of the Linkin Park live shows on youtube are getting deleted? Is Warner Bros having a fight about the money with Youtube once again? Just feels really empty not being able to listen on your favourite shows anymore. Anyways, wanted to thank Qwerty95k and Phoenix220 for providing us with those awesome live shows throughout the years. You guys put so much time and effort on uploading those videos, remasterring them, editing and so on. Hopefully in the future both of the companies will find an agreement and you guys will have the mood to reupload those shows once again us.
  3. Will this be the 1st Linkin Park show released in 3D format?
  4. Linkin Park should boycott this years KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. Linkin Park not being headline? wtf
  5. I've always wanted to attend Rock am Ring when Linkin Park is performing, never had the opportunity to. Good thing there will be a live stream! Hopefully it will be a full live broadcast without some of the songs not being broadcasted.
  6. Just one word: AWESOME. Srsly the song is so fking awesome. Prob the best song from The Hunting Party released so far imo. It does sound a bit like SOAD stylish but hey, it got the guitarist from SOAD futured in it. Though, it's really funny how LP sounds so much better on a 'SOAD sounding record' than SOAD themselves
  7. It's just, you could see a small glims of Brad to the left of the stage during the whole concert. For Bleed It Out he kind of dissapeared for me, maybe he changed his spot. Though, I may had a blackout, or it's just a sign for getting glasses :^)
  8. Brad seemed to be really ill. He just kind of stood at one place all the time and sometimes even sat down while playing it looked like. Bleed It Out was mostly played by Mike.
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