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New Linkin Park Music Preview + More


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Here is the new preview of a song released today!



In the video, you see "The Hunting Party 6.14" on Brad's notepad. What could it mean?


Lots of rumors are flying around.... The Linkin Park website, with a cloud layout, is changing slowly and 30 Seconds To Mars are expected to be opening for LP on an upcoming North American Tour in August 2014, which could be announced this week as a part of what the fanbase is calling "Linkin Park Week".


Perhaps the new single will be released this week as well!


UPDATE: The BMI database has added a new Linkin Park song called 'Guilty All The Same'. Do you think this is the name of the single?


Who's excited?

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Its cool...It doesnt say anything of what the album will sound like. I feel like we get a snippet of something heavy every time and everyone goes omg, its gonna be super heavy, and its just one song. Just feeling like we've been here before lol.


I like the snippet though!

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