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  1. Finally Cried today. It's just settling in. Chester is gone and he isn't coming back. Linkin park is what got me to pursue music professionally. I didn't write songs before LP, i didn't play guitar, sing, or produce before LP. They changed my life completely. And more so they have been with me in every area of my life. The good times, celebrations, the bad times, break ups, deaths, everything! Ive seen then live 5 times. It would have been 6 in 2 weeks. I am heartbroken and devastated. Anyone on the east coast of the US wants to talk or reach out please feel free(particularly DMV). Talking about it and being in community will get us all through this life altering event. REST IN POWER Chester Bennington.
  2. Song is really catchy. I really like the lyrics and the instrumental while it's not amazing, it sounds good and has really good production. I like Rob's drums in the bridge and Brad's guitar at the end is pretty cool. The no introduction is just a mainstream pop thing unfortunately. While I like the song, I don't want a whole album of Heavy. That would suck. I would still like the album but it would definitely go down as my least favorite. So I hope that there is more energy in some of the other songs.
  3. They ran out of time. It looked like rob was gonna play it but he was probably told no time. The show needed to end at 11 sharp and it did.
  4. Yea traffic blows in that area. Came in on mars set too. Actually me and my friends did not like 30 seconds to mars. He was kind of a jerk on stage. I wanted him to shut up and just play his music. Also didn't seem like a band...just 30 seconds to Leto...lol. As for Linkin Park...best Lp show I have been to ever. And I've seen em 5 times. This was my 6th. It was incredible. The main Setlist is perfect. Rebellion live is really good. The encore is weak. Infact some of my friends lefts once they hear lost in the echo. They need to go back to the European tour encore. That was a lot better than this new one. I did enjoy hearing more of Crawling though. Overall the best I have seen then.
  5. I will be there tonight! I will try and say hi even though i am definitely not as active as other members. Still love this website. I actually like all the setlist so far. so Ill be happy with a set C or set A again. However, I really would like to see "A light that never comes" and I want the full version of Until it's gone. Eargasm will take place if they play "By Myself" or "A place for my head". I have been to 5 LP concerts and have never seen a place for my head performed! I miss it every time! @-@
  6. So Until it's Gone is shortened...ok that is lame. But did they play an hour set or 90 minute set? When go see LP I expect a 90 minute set for a headlining tour.
  7. Will the whole carnivores tour be just an hour set? That would be really lame for a headlining tour, specially for LP.
  8. Am I the only one who isnt that big a fan of Mike's Voice on the verses. Would of rather it been Chester. I can only imagine he is saving his voice for the bridge. Chesters raw vocals sound a bit week and show how his voice has week. I like the melody just not exactly how Chester and Mike sound. Its clearly co-written with Darien. Very SOAD. The instrumental Sounds great though. I love the bridge. Like other LP songs that I thought Id hate as I listen to it, it will grow on me. BTW...Does anybody hear the awesome Bass Lines going on in this song? Check the last Chorus. We get to hear some Phoenix in this one!
  9. This song sounds like what everyone was expecting after Meteora. Sounds like it was too heavy to make the "Living Things" Cut. The instrumental is awesome. I dont know why everyone expected a super heavy fast thrash single after GTAS. It is pretty heavy on a rock ballad side. The lyrics are of course terrible. I've never said that about any LP song but the cliche' i dunno.
  10. Love the song. Joe will probably play and piano parts. Definitely two guitars. Chester won't play guitar. It'll be the same set up as Burning in the Skies cept Brad will obviously have the solo. I can see them skipping the rap live and making it different. Also I had a feeling Rakim asked to work with LP. Rakim is like one of Mike's idols. Its like how STP asked Chester....you just don't say no. lol
  11. I just tweeted that fans will not understand how much of an honor it is to have Rakim guest on a song. Its like having Eric Clapton or Ozzy Osborne come and do a collaboration from a hip hop point of view. That being said. I love everything about the song. The guitars are awesome. I agree with Astat on his points. People will think Mike left the band not knowing that he is the producer, and Chester doesnt sound amazing. The recording sounds very raw and organic and definitely Qwertyish. Though after Living Things which was way way overproduced, this is a nice contrast. I hope the rest of the album has a raw feel to it. I had a feeling after the EDM remix album, the next album would be completely live and I hope this song is a good sample of the whole project.
  12. Its cool...It doesnt say anything of what the album will sound like. I feel like we get a snippet of something heavy every time and everyone goes omg, its gonna be super heavy, and its just one song. Just feeling like we've been here before lol. I like the snippet though!
  13. The noise gate is a mixing effect used on the guitars for Lost in the Echo, It cancels out noise and cuts any extra lingering tones and sounds giving the notes a clean cut sound. Lost in the echo has a sharp attack especially for Mike's part so it if gives the fast rhythm a more distinct clean cut. Without the gate it would sound sloppy. Astat can probably explain it in better words but thats the gist of it.
  14. That setlist was exactly what I expected. I am glad they opened with APFMH. I was hopeful for maybe one debut of a new LT song but that was only if we were extra lucky. I think they played a very good set and good choice of songs in my opinion
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