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  1. Hopefully this gets released in couple days now, I can't wait any longer. The tracks sound interesting, I just hope that the whole CD isn't a power chord fest like LPU11.
  2. You should ask him if he has any unreleased stuff that he could release
  3. From the pick I can pick out The Who - My Generation Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone Oasis - Wonder Wall I can't make out the last three but we know one is a Beatles song and one is David Bowie. I hope Pooch being there means that its getting recorded.
  4. If only someone could record this, I'd kill for Chester covering The Beatles.
  5. You Know they just released a Linkin Park track pack for Rock Band with Breaking The Habit, Shadow Of The Day, New Divide and Burn It Down.
  6. Hopefully they decide to do this for all all their albums too.
  7. Pendulum, I regret not bing able to go to the show they played together in my state now that Pendulum has broken up.
  8. Is that what it was, I guess it was played so quietly I didn't recognize it.
  9. That was from the ATS documentary. Anyways I just watched The Making of Minutes To Midnight and noticed an unreleased rap song is played right before Brad puts the sticky notes on the window, I wouldn't mind getting that track.
  10. What I want is: 1. Fuse (with Chester's vocals) 2. Papercut Demo 3. Thoughts That Take Away My Pride song 4. That piano instrumental from The Making OF Meteora 5. Heavy MTM B-Side 6. A demo of a MTM song with Mike on vocals (Maybe Valentine's Day) 7. ATS B-Side 8. ATS B-Side 9. Victimized demo with piano and gang vocals 10. A folk-driven LT demo or B-Side
  11. So I want a DSP recording of Sabotage to put on my phone and I was wondering which show you guys would say had the best performance.
  12. Though I do love Living Things and think that it's songs are stronger that A Thousand Suns' I still feel that ATS is a better album as a whole. I definitely would have picked LT if the first 5 tracks would have been more folk influenced songs like the rest of the album instead of a bunch of rehashes.
  13. It's a great song but I think In My Remains would be a better fit.
  14. The last MOH game had a trailer with New Divide in it that was released before The Catalyst was announced as the theme song, this is no differenent.
  15. Thanks, your awesome! I wish that they would have played Tinfoil at the show too so we could have a high quality rip of that as well.
  16. Can someone upload mp3s of Until It Breaks and Sabotage that are separate from WFTE and BIO?
  17. You guys realize that Chester has already covered Highway to Hell with Camp Freddy right?
  18. To be fair this site on a whole is pretty much dead when compared to what it was in 2010, plus no one here has contributed to the puzzles at all.
  19. Go for it, even if its fake these rumors are at least helping to pass the time while we wait for real info.
  20. I'm hoping for something new with Mike on it.
  21. That post actually makes you a troll because of how much of an asshole you made of yourself.
  22. Layered unique instrumentals with vocal interplay between Chester and Mike.
  23. This is more of a General Discussion topic than a Got News one.
  24. http://statistics.allfacebook.com/pages/leaderboard/
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