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New LPTV European Tour Part 2


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Amazing episode! And I'm somewhere in the crowd. Ha ha. Joyful.


Can I please have someone write about what a private screening of Chester speak with the girl? I can not hear what they say - especially her. Thanks in advance!

She asks him if this is his first time seeing the movie and he says "yeah" and she tells him she's already seen it and he goes, "well done, congratulations". :)

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the thing with this episode really reminded me of the beginging (frat party)....the guys were really having fun and not taking touring seriously once again...playing covers...playing pranks...getting bitten by bugs. It was almost like frat party expresso part 2. lol.


POA being played i think was just that it fit in, there's no sign. I mean does the new mix of robot boy being played mean they are going to play that?! probably not. Robot Boy sounded like a demo tho.....it had a new keyboard sound than the album version.


Can I just point out.....hit the floor also featured.....yet another song not played much. Maybe they just filled it with songs they haven't played in a while so fans get their "fix" lol.

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"Ive got the Chester" Haha too good.


I think the bit about the broken hand was a joke. Specially when Mike started talking about the 'other guys face' right after implying he was in a fight.

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