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  1. I absolutely love this album from start to finish - amazing! I think my favourite track is still Rebellion, but I love Mark The Graves & A Line In The Sand. Can't wait to buy the physical copy on Friday
  2. This is awesome!! Thanks so much for this =]
  3. Would love to see them play The Little Things Give You Away and Easier To Run.
  4. I'm pretty happy with the timetables. There are some pretty sucky clashes, but that's music festivals for you. Just means I'll have to prioritize!
  5. Booked my tickets for the Sydney headlining show! Very excited =]
  6. Absolutely love the line-up! Some of my favourite bands of all time are playing and many of them I've never seen before. Cannot wait for Soundwave 2013!!!
  7. Absolutely amazed with this new album. For me, this is the first album Linkin Park have put out where I've liked every single track. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! Lost In The Echo: 8/10 In My Remains: 9/10 Burn It Down: 7/10 Lies Greed Misery: 8/10 I'll Be Gone: 10/10 Castle Of Glass: 10/10 Victimized: 8/10 Roads Untraveled: 10/10 Skin To Bone: 7/10 Until It Breaks: 7/10 Tinfoil: 8/10 Powerless: 9/10 Favourite tracks right now are "I'LL BE GONE" and "CASTLE OF GLASS".
  8. I would love to see "The Little Things Give You Away" back in the setlist.
  9. I've been to Soundwave the past two years and it's been amazing! If this rumour proves true and Linkin Park are playing next year, I'm totally there.
  10. I was at work about 9am this morning when I heard about the "scavenger hunt". I wasn't able to go, however, my sister happens to be a sydney uni student, so I literally sent her a squillion messages asking her to stop by Manning Bar to get the "clue". She told me she'd stop by around lunchtime. ...and then she forgot. But I tried! But I am liking the idea of the whole scavenger hunt thing. It sure is an interesting and fun way to promote the new albun.
  11. Great remix! I like it a lot =]
  12. When I first heard A Thousand Suns, I wasn't really sure what to think. There were a few songs I liked, but the rest I was unsure of. It took me a while to warm to the album, but now I do enjoy the album whenever I listen to it. Although I did like the album in the end, it's my least favourite Linkin Park album to date. Meteora still remains my favourite album. As for Robot Boy, I really hope they do play it live. It's probably my favourite song on A Thousand Suns, and I'd be interested to see how they pull it off live.
  13. When I read No Roads Left was over Bleed It Out, I was so sure it was only going to be the first verse. But a pre-chorus and chorus too? Awesome!
  14. Awesome! Great remixes, especially Blackout.
  15. Great episode, one of the funniest ones I've seen in ages.
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